Names that Mean Death

Names that Mean Death

Choosing the right name for your kid is very important because your baby carries the name for a lifetime and the decision is not so easy.

Francis Bacon quotes that – “In order for the light to shine brightly, the darkness must be present”. Even the stars cannot twinkle without darkness.

Is your little one going to sparkle or shine brightly in darkness like a light, star, radium or fluorescent coral? Then there are chances of you wanting to name your bundle of joy after the names meaning darkness or names meaning death. We have listed an ample number of ingenious names which help you in figuring out the name which ideally is suitable for your kiddo.

Choosing a classic name for your baby is trilling. So to make your hunting easy, we have listed a minefield of classic, traditional and rare baby names for both baby girl and baby boy. What are you waiting for?? Get started!!!!

Baby girls name meaning darkness or death:

Is your little baby angel on her way to brighten up your world? Are you looking for the most beautiful names for you baby girl? Then read on to select a name which means darkness or death. We have listed out the most exotic and unique names for your little angel.

  • Abiba/Abeaba/Abeabah: This name is derived from Africa. Meaning, the first kid born after grand mom’s death.
  • Agrona: Originated from Celtic language; meaning goddess of eternal rest and warfare.
  • Athanasia: It is derived from Greek; which means immortal, eternal, without end, forever.
  • Chiwa: Meaning eternal rest; death.
  • Dabria: Angel of expiry or demise.
  • Ernaline: Battle to the demise (death).
  • Khalida/ Khaalida: Eternal, immortal, forever, without end.
  • Libitina: Roman goddess. She is the goddess of eternal rest/ funerals.
  • Loralai: It is a name from German legend.
  • Morana: Goddess of eternal rest or goddess of winter.
  • Morrigan: Irish name which means goddess of eternal rest or warfare.
  • Omisha: Spirit of birth and eternal rest.
  • Tanda: Sage of life and eternal rest.
  • Thana: Eternal rest (death).

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Baby boys name meaning darkness or death:

Names that Mean Death 1

names that mean death angel

Are you looking for unique names meaning darkness/ death for your little baby boy? Then you are in the right place. Because we have made your name hunting job easier by listing out the most unique names. Read on to select the name which suits your newborn baby boy.

  • Ajal: It means destiny, fate or hour/time of death.
  • Amara: One who is blessed with immortal life; one without death.
  • Anpu: God of death.
  • Arius: Everlasting, eternal, unfading.
  • Azrail: Angel of eternal rest/ death.
  • Bhishak: Lord Vishnu; one who restores the cycle of birth and death.
  • Claeg: Mortal.
  • Clay: this name means Mortal.
  • Ernesh: Battle to eternal rest.
  • Gifflet: This name is mentioned in old legends.
  • Janardan: Saviour from the birth and death cycle.
  • Javaraya: Lord of eternal rest (death).
  • Jeevak: Time or period from birth to eternal rest (death).
  • Kalabhiti: Eternal, immortal, forever, without end.
  • Kalaraja: God of death.
  • Mrithun: God of eternal rest.
  • Mritunjay/ Mritunjoy/Mrityunjai: Victory over eternal rest (death).
  • Nirnasha: It means immortal; one who never dies.
  • Than: Meaning death. It is the short form of Thanatos.
  • Thanatos: It is a Greek name which means god of eternal rest; death.

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Above mentioned are the exiting and trendy names for the expecting parents who can pick names meaning death/ darkness to their baby girl and baby boy. These names are beautiful and unique. They have not reached their way to the masses. So be the first one to use the name which ideally suits the personality of your kiddo.

Best wishes to you and your little one

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