One of the hardest decisions we face in our adult life career-wise is the fear of leaving our current jobs for another one. We begin to think of the unknown.  Even the idea of job searching becomes scary. So many questions plague our mind such as: would I survive this career change, how long would it be before I am familiar with the change in routine, would my boss or co-workers be friendly and approachable? etc. This and many other questions get us paralyzed with fear so bad it is overwhelming.

    Based on these fears, we become most time tend to stick with our uncomfortable job and pretend it is not making us miserable, we even go to the extent of making excuses for it. The truth is most of the people who successfully went ahead with the idea of changing their jobs and succeeded at it, wished they had done it earlier. Although they claim it wasn’t easy, they still did it. Thus, thefollowing are ways by which one can overcome the fear of a job change:

1. Letting go of your fears

    Fear can be said to be a natural phenomenon and human instinct. The winning strategy against fear is the ability to let it go. You can overcome our fear and frustration by getting a journal where you write out everything you hate about your current job, the disadvantages of not getting the new job, the fears you have about the new job and viable solutions you feel can help. Also, this can be done by realizing that there are no guarantees and taking a risk makes you stronger than your fear thereby making you the master of your mind and fear. Another strategy is to ensure that you have the right resume for applying for the new job by either writing a perfect one or engaging resume editing services.

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2. Having a positive mindset

      Keeping a healthy and positive mindset is another way of overcoming a job change fear. This can be done by constantly reminding yourself of how amazing and intelligent you are. How your smartness landed you your current job or how it landed you the new job you just got. You can also keep a positive mindset by exercising, emptying your mind of the fears lurking around and finding strength from within to have self-confidence.

3. Financial responsibility

    It is advisable that before quitting your current job, the best way to survive after quitting or resuming your new job is to have a sizeable amount of money saved up. While the same thing applies to those who are venturing into business, It is advisable to have separate cash asides the capital for the business.

4. Circle of friends

   The best persons that can help us getthrough difficult times are our friends, family or spouses. They are ourbackbone and strength. They motivate and inspire us to let go of our fears,clear our self-doubt by assuring us that through it all, they would be therefor us. For those venturing into business or a new career entirely, it is advisable that we ask this circle of people what their honest opinion is on whether or not we are suitable for the job or the new business.


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