Right from ancient ages, women are synonymous to lustrous long hair and this is why Rapunzel is so famous. It very unfortunate for a woman to experience baldness but you need not panic because everything these days are curable. This major problem can start anytime right in your teens to menopause.

Why loss of hair?

There can be different reasons like diseases, hormonal imbalance, stress, immune disorders, and thyroid conditions, lack of protein and effects of medication or heredity that can trigger this problem. Initially doctors prescribe certain diagnosis so that they know the reason for hair loss and take up the right treatment method.

Do you know how important iron is for hair growth and majority women suffer from iron deficiency known as anemia. Low red blood cells count can cause anemia which demands eating iron rich foods. A woman can suffer from medium to heavy hair loss due to lack of iron.

Detecting baldness

Female baldness basically damages the self esteem because women cannot accept the fact that they are going bald. Losing the hair means more stress and this can lead to even more loss, the process goes on. Initially it takes about a couple of years to receive positive therapeutic response. Here are a few symptoms of baldness:

  • Loss of hair from the scalp in clumps
  • Tremendous thinning
  • Loss of hair from any body part
  • Incomplete hair loss from your scalp.

Understanding hair growth

Hair is composed of keratin, a type of protein that is formed in the hair follicles. The hair on your head is strands that grow out of dead keratin cells. All the time more than 90% of the total hair is growing on your scalp and the growth spped of each and every hair is different. The pace depends on age, ethnicity, level of nutrition and medical conditions. It is very normal to lose 50-100 strands daily but not more. In-between growing and shedding off, every strand indulges in 3 stages including the growing phase, the regression and shedding phase.

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Treating hair loss

Females have a different pattern of balding then men so the ingredients required curing are also a bit different. The healing ingredients are Vitamin B complex, magnesium, biotion, para-aminobenzoic acid and horsetail silica. When you use all these ingredients along with Minoxidil, the results are impressive. Though this method might not work for all but majority women have got good results. You have medical treatments and there are also many beauty parlors who are inventing many new methods for hair fall control.

Corticosteroids contain a certain type of hormone for suppressing the immune system that helps to get rid of alopecia. It can be applied in form of ointments, creams and injection. Injections show a lot of improvement in female hair loss

Ultra Violet treatment should be taken every week 2-3 times and it might take a whole 28 weeks to get considerable results. If you are experiencing hair fall after menopause, you can opt for hormonal replacement as a hair treatment. Both these treatments should be taken only after speaking to the doctor.

Final words

There are various other herbal and natural preventive methods and ingredients for fighting hair loss. These include, better blood circulation, Aloe Vera, Indian Gooseberry, Yoga, Aromatherapy, healthy diet, Minerals and Vitamins, oil massage etc.

Girls and women, you all can have a beautiful mane with right treatment.


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