Jewelry Store Names Ideas


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The name of your company is its identity in the market. To choose Jewellery Store Names you must be really careful. It should both be impactful as well as a reflection to your services. It is not easy to finalize the name for your store, as the name is not the stock or collection but it is your brand image that has a lasting relationship with your business.

Tips To Consider To Decide A Jewelry Company Name:

Consider the following key points that can help you with deciding the Creative Names for Jewelry Business.

  • The Name Should Be Professional:

Every industry has tough competition, while you launch your business in the market your name should be highly professional to go along with your occupation. Start with a name that has the capacity to act as a competitive advantage.

  • Think Different:

Do not try to copy pre-existing names with minor differences rather bring out new ideas and create an image with variation.

  • Initials or Name :

If you look forward to creating your name as the identity of the business, step ahead and flaunt with the initials of your own name. You can even use your first name accompanied with jewels or jewellers as the subscript.

  • Unique and Classy:

Jewellery is always pricey and precious. You can name your jewellery store depicting the worth or value of the assets.

  • Use of Names of Stones:

If you deal greatly in a kind of stone or a particular stone be it pearl, diamond, ruby or anything is your specialty you can include it in the jewelry company name.

  • The inclusion of Name of Places:

You can also include the name of the locality or state or even country to reflect your collection is good enough to serve the particular area or to be identified in the specific services.

Advertising and marketing are very important along with the dazzling jewelry collection. Attractive names attract customers. Your name should stand out be it in banners, advertisements, flyers or mouth to mouth publicity. So choosing a proper name is really essential.

Jeweler and Jewelry Company Name Ideas

Stone House Indian Art Jewelers
Peerless Collection Shine With Gold
City Pride Jewelers One-Stop Jewellery Store
In fashion Jewelry Store Jewel boutique
Elite Jewelers Aurous Outlet
Diamond Gallery Crystal Artwork
Ultimate Art Collection Dream Jewelry House
Sparsh Jeweler House Store for Every Occasion
Pearl Arcade Authentic Warehouse
Creative Collection Divine Jewellery Mall

Some of the other choices for the name of your jewellery store can be:

Memories Jewellery Store Women Pleasure Jewels
Angelic Jewellers Golden art collection
The Diamond Lodge Bright Gold Store
Customised Jewellery Collection Customer’s choice
Jewelry for all Connection Jewellers

If you feel the language is important in your locality to attract the customers, you can go with the names in Hindi too. It is not essential to choose a name in English. You can opt for names in Hindi being in India as well as NRI in any other country.

Jewellery Shop Names In Hindi

Swarn Abhushan Soundarya Abhushan
Platinum Bazaar Shringar sangrah
Akarshak jewels Rachna mahal
Nikhar johary Stree Abhushan
Gehno ki Dukan Kangan sangrah
Swarna Sanchay Alankar gehne wale

These are a just a few choices for the name of your jewellery store, there can be numerous options that you can use to name your store. Just keep the above tips in mind before finalizing the name.

Final Words:

The blog has advised with some of the best options to name your jewellery store. You can even go for a personalized name, the tips and tricks in the write-up will save a lot of your time and come to a conclusion at the earliest.

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