The tech world sure got its share of buzz lately. The news like Apple’s seizure of iTunes is not something you see every day. Bloggers, journalists, and tech bloggers started hyping immediately. 

And hype, they did. 

A ton of editorials have proclaimed iTunes ‘dead’ leaving the rest of us worried about the fate of our favorite playlists and tracks. Outside of all the hype, little will change for Apple Music fans. Yes, the company will still be selling tracks. Yes, you will be able to access the old collections. This has been officially stated by Apple’s official press release

Apple has already released the public beta of the new OS for its computers. Catalina (its name) has no iTunes – instead, there are three separate apps – Music, Podcasts, and Apple TV. 

Here’s an in-depth review of what the new OS offers for music and film lovers.


iTunes has passed its main benefits down to Apple Music, Podcasts, and TV. 

Apple Podcasts uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users find a needed podcast episode. There’s a built-in genre feed – you’ll be able to find new shows you never heard of. Users can create playlists with favorite shows and access them in one tap. 

Apple Music is an improved version of iTunes. Here, users will be able to access their entire track library. It doesn’t matter if you purchased a song, ripped it from a CD, or downloaded online. The interface is similar to iTunes – all songs are filtered, you’ll be able to compile playlists, and look for new songs. 

Apple TV looks like a revamped version of the old Videos app. By the interface, TV heavily reminds of Netflix. The app is compatible with Samsung TV and Apple TV 4th Gen. Here, you’ll be able to access all popular titles. The list of features includes a single sign-on, a ‘Watch Now’ features that suggest new titles based on your interests, playlists for kids and many more. 

The range of content includes TV shows, movies, and sports. 


The iTunes download app had an impeccable reputation. Users loved its interface, flexible navigation, and a wide range of titles. However, Apple wants to be a frontrunner in the industry of on-demand content. 

That’s why it’s been promised that three standalone apps will be even better. 

For Podcasts, the machine-learning-based search is a poster feature. Apple managed to index words a podcast creator uses in episodes. This increases the relevance of the content you’ll be able to find. 

Music has all the features of iTunes. However, keep in mind that a new app doesn’t have an automatic synchronizing feature. From now on, in order to synchronize the iPhone with other devices, you’ll have to choose the ‘Finder’ tool and enable the synchronizing feature. 

Apple TV has a wide range of available titles. You’ll be able to watch HBO, MTV Hits, Smithsonian Channel, EPIX, and other channel on-demand. The new app allows up to six people to share an account. You will be able to download TV shows and movies and watch them online. 

A new Apple TV app has the largest collection of 4K quality titles. All the activity of Apple TV is synchronized across devices. The app has redesigned its Library tab. There are dedicated tabs – Genres, Added, Downloaded, and so on for improved navigation. 

Payment Model

All three apps offered by Apple as the iTunes alternative are not subscription-based. Instead, you will be able to get individual content – movies, music, and podcasts. 


A lot of things are still unclear when it comes to iTunes alternatives. The good news is, all the features and changes incorporated or announced by Apple don’t seem to lead to a poorer navigation and streaming experience than those we already had. 

What does the future hold ahead? Without a doubt, it’ll take time to adjust to using three apps instead of one. Yet, this change is beneficial – let’s enjoy it as it unfolds.

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