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India is full of many forms of arts. Dance is one of the best among all of them. The Indian Dance form is expressive and is an extraordinary form of maintaining fitness. With the growing population of India, is growing the competition. People love to dance, and now dancing is one of the professions too. The best dance group is thus known by its name. So, choosing a good name for your Indian Dance Group is as important as polishing your dance moves.

In this article, I will talk about “Indian Dance Group Names” which can inspire you and can be your next group name too.

Tips to make your dance group name trendier:

Either you choose a name from the list or you pick a name from your own list, you need to remember a few points to make your group name stand out:

  • The name should not be too large
  • It must reflect the dance form that the group follows or must be generic
  • Use easy to spell and easy to remember words
  • Useless vocabulary.


We have a few names for your Indian Dance Group. Check Here:

When your group name sounds too obvious to be a dance group:

In this type of name, you can choose some general names for your dance group. The name doesn’t reflect any particular dance form but can be good if you follow more than one dance form and is confused to choose one among them.


RhythmDance and DazzleDancing Diva
Two StepsDancothymicsDance my heart
Move with UsDancer’s DenReal Dancers
Dancing MindsThe Dance TheoryEnergetic Dancers
Flexible Dance TroopDancing StoryFollow my steps
Let’s DanceWe dance to liveMoving emotions

When you choose Indian terms related to dance:

If you are a part of an Indian dance group, you can simply use the Indian terms either in “Hindi” or “Sanskrit” to make it sound quirkier and trendier. Simply the name shows class and carries some weight to be an Indian Dance Group.

Let’s see some:

AbhinayaAa-bhee-nayaThe art of expressions
AngikaAang-ee-kahThe art of body movements
ArdhamandaliAar-dha-manm-dall-eA signature posture of Bharatnatyam (a famous Indian dance form)
AshtapadiAsh-ta-padd-eEight steps
MudraMoo-dd-rahA symbolic gesture of hand and fingers

Top best Indian Dance Group Name start with “Dance”:

If you love dancing, your world starts with the word “Dance”. Thus, why not to use “Dance” in the prefix of your group name?

These group names will help you to stand out in the crowd. Whatever may be the genre of your dance form, you can choose any name from this list to be remembered even when you are done with your performance long ago.

Dance MastersDance Dynasty
Dance your heart outDance and Beats
Dance to DreamDance Electrica
Dance ChampionsDance Varsity
Dance CrackersDance Form
Dance MoveDance Chasers
Dance to BlastDance Steps
Dance ROckersDance and Hustle

Dance Group Names by the name of different dance forms of India:

India is known to have “Unity in Diversity”. There are diverse dance forms in India, sometimes according to the state, sometimes according to the culture. India has many dance form, and every one among them can woo your mind.

You can choose the name of dance forms as your squad name, even though that is not the dance form your squad is known for. This is because the dance form names are cool enough to be yours


TAKEAWAY: Naming a group sounds hard, as that is the first thing people will come to know about you. But with the good name, it is not hard at all. Apart from name ideas, here you know how you can get your own name list. Pick any name from the above lists which are most significant for your dance group.  We can customize names for your group. Reach us.

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