Cleaning is a time-eater, it consumes the time you’d rather spend having fun or doing the things you love. Cleaning is rarely fun, and that’s why more and more people that cherish their free time have entrusted based in Office cleaning Dandenong  to take care of the mess. Having a revitalising rest is crucial to your comfort and well-being and saving some time for yourself is the key to inner peace. Here is how to cut cleaning time in half.

Speed cleaning – it is easier and less painful when you manage to deal with cleaning fast. A good plan and a sense of timing will do wonders.

Be practical – If you cannot reach a window, it doesn’t mean that it should be left in its dirty state. Mop it, the mop handle is long enough to enable you to reach tall windows. It will take you more time to find a ladder and climb up, and most of all, to figure out where to put the bucket and how to proceed.

Mask damages – preventing incidents is hard, repairing damage caused is even harder. The smart thing you can do is to mask scratches on furniture with lemon oil or rub walnut directly on the spot. Natural oils can fix gouges and scratches.

Vacuum thoroughly – this  routine is worth investing some more time in. If you own a pet, you should be able to deal with pet hair correctly. Pet hairs may be quite stubborn and remain on your carpet even after vacuuming it repeatedly. Use scotch tape to collect pet hair prior to turning the vacuum cleaner on.

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Time-saving is a matter of organization. Plan cleaning, every routine in details and then you can save up to 50% of the time you usually dedicate to home maintenance.

Cleaning Product

Cleaning products are not all that safe as we all think. Home is where one should be able to feel safe and live healthy, and believe it or not, cleaning products can be an impediment to your well-being. Not all cleaning products of course, just those that contain banned and toxic substances. Forbes magazine cites

Personal care products have been graded depending on their safety and health impact. Estimations made are based on cleaning products labels, manufacturers websites and tests. Ingredients information is not obligatory, some companies list the ingredients used, but others just describe the contents by pointing fragrance or solvent on the label.

Consumers need to know what they are really cleaning with. Instead of putting your health to risk, here is the information compiled by some of the most skilled cleaners in London supported by the recent study results in the study.

One of the ingredients still used in some cleaning products is formaldehyde. It is banned in the EU, but some US manufacturers still resort to producing products containing it. It is one of the bad ingredients that may trigger unwanted health problems.

A major issue is that some products contain hazardous ingredients, but they are not listed. Then as a customer you should not deal with risky products, but check Material Safety Data Sheet available upon request and see whether the product you are about to use is among the hazardous ones.

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Even though the product may not contain a certain dangerous ingredient, it might have been, nevertheless, created as a combination of chemicals. The so-called contaminants are often found in detergents – 1,4 dioxane for example. Most contaminants do not pose high risk to your health, but it is smart to check EWG’s scoring system to make sure you are not dealing with a hazardous one.

Green is not necessarily safe. Some labels do not list all ingredients adequately. So you’d better check with a legitimate source. Air pollution causes asthma, so cancer is not the only concern. Be picky and be wise, as cleaning done with the wrong products and in the improper way may turn out to be an unpleasant experience.

My Office cleaning Melbourne wishes you trouble-free cleaning and whenever you need help feel free to contact us.

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