How to Save Money While Styling Your New Home After Marriage


    If you’ve just got married and are moving into your new home, you might find it intimidating to set up your home without any help. But who says you don’t have help? You do. If you live in a city like Mumbai or Bangalore where there are numerous apartment complexes and homes, there are many ways of setting up your home, economically and yet smartly.

    • Furniture Rentals: The New Trend

    Perhaps, you and your spouse are part of the large body of working professionals who have come from other cities to work in Mumbai or Bangalore. Obviously, you do not want to overspend on your new home, but you want to have a well-equipped and modern home.

    One way, which will not burn a hole in your pocket, is to avoid buying furniture. Instead, the better idea that’s gaining ground here is to take furniture on rent in Navi Mumbai. Obviously, it means saving a whole chunk of money that would otherwise go towards buying furniture of one room or one major appliance.

    The flexibility that this system affords sits very well with young professionals and is therefore growing and successful. It also works well for those of you who are in Mumbai or any city for just three or four months to work on a project. If you’re going to head home after that, why invest in furniture and appliances? You’re better off renting them instead.

    • Options Unlimited

    If you thought that this rental system is limited only to furniture, think again. The wisdom behind this scheme is so highly appreciated that it has now been applied even to home appliances. So, if you don’t want to spend on a dishwasher or washing machine, you can easily rent it. It’s not unusual to rent appliances in Mumbai, so if you live there, take advantage of this.

    • Rent Furniture and Save Big Money—Here’s How

    There are many ways by which you save money in your youth just when you might need it. For instance, if you were to buy a complete set of bedroom furniture, it would easily cost you Rs. 35,00 or more. But if you were to rent it, you would get a bed, mattress, pillows, bedside table, bed linen, wardrobe and dressing table.

    For all of this, you would need to pay just Rs. 1200 per month. See how much liquidity it puts in your pocket. You can use all of this as if it were your own, but without paying the 35k. This makes it cost-effective.

    And, when you need to return it, the company will arrange for it to be picked up from your home and during the tenure of your use, they will also maintain the items.

    Another way you can save money is to return the furniture you use at present and swap it for something that you like more or suits your growing needs better. Or, if you want to have something new at festival time, this is a good way of having it when you want it.

    Life in a big city is tough and bustling. Amid that, you want your home, your haven of peace, to have everything in its place. Even if this means having it on rent, why not? 


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