Pool can get tricky— when you watch someone do it, it seems easy-peasy. But when you’re the one handling the cue stick and ball, it may feel like rocket science. Lucky for us all, it’s not exactly that hard. In no time at all, you can end up looking like a professional player even if you’ve barely played at all. Here are some tricks for that.

Watch professionals play
If you want to play like them, you have to observe them. Pick up some techniques by watching pool matches on TV or online. Watch closely how the players move around and pace, how they handle the cue, and the other tiny details which will contribute to your overall performance.

Act like the professionals
Now that you have an idea how professionals play, act like them. First off is knowing all the game rules. You don’t want to be playing and acting all masterful, then end up breaking rules every now and then. You don’t want to ask people around you if this action is prohibited, or if doing this or that is allowed. Use the techniques you picked up from watching pro players and move like them.

Practice with someone on your level
This way, you actually have a chance of winning matches. Practice with someone who’s even worse than you and you’ll look like a pro in contrast with them. By practicing, you’re also getting to hone your skills which can contribute to your long-term playing. As long as there’s no audience, you don’t have to look like the best player in the world— just practice. Put your best foot forward and do your best when you’re in a public match.

Use professional equipment
This can be an absolute confidence booster. When you use high-grade equipment from the balls to the tables, you’ll be pushed to do your best since you’re dealing with the things the best players use. It also helps to dress appropriately. Ditch your sleeping clothes and opt for professional, comfortable clothes instead. You’ll look professional and end up playing professionally thanks to the push it will give you.

Play in a professional space
Pro players only play in pro spaces. The overall feel and ambiance of your play space can affect your performance both positively and negatively. For one, Quedos have an amazing range of pool tables that will make you feel like you’re a seasoned player in a world championship match. Playing in a good place can boost your confidence a lot and eventually make you look like you’re a pro.

Sure, practice can help a lot. Sometimes, however, there are external factors such as equipment and environment that can affect your play. Make sure that your pool-playing experience is only the best by acting like a pro, playing with pro equipment, and playing in a pro area. You’ll immediately gain the respect of your audience who will see you as a good player thanks to the tips and tricks you just read.

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