How to Increase Sales Through the Proper Product Catalogue


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Often, customers who want the result for their online store, have already read advices of various experts, spent budgets on advertising and marketing, made all the steps and recommendations, but there is no result in eCommerce reporting – sales are not growing. In this article, I want to tell, how it is possible to promote eCommerce, to raise sales and conversion at the expense of the product catalog.

So, you with the help of advertising/SEO got yourself on the visitor’s site. Do you know how your visitor behaves on the site? How does he navigate and look for the right product?

65-70 % of users are looking for products on the site through a directory.

95% of online stores have problems with catalog structure and navigation.

Typically, online stores use the same directory as the account system. But the catalog on the site serves other purposes – to increase sales! Catalogue should become a tool that allows you to conveniently and quickly make purchases.

The right catalog on the site is a systematized data on goods or services, presented in the form of the most convenient for quick search of the necessary goods / services.

What tasks does the product catalog solve?

  • quick search of goods on the site;
  • providing full information about goods or services;
  • improving the indexing of the site by search engines;
  • increase in conversion on the site and, as a consequence, increase in sales.

How to make a catalog that will sell?

1. Need to determine the needs of the client and your ability to meet these needs. For example, an online store sells locks and decides to introduce lamps and luminaires. In order to get sales in a new category, you need to carefully consider the assortment: you can develop an offer in width, or vice versa – focus on a narrow specific customer needs.

2. In a retail store we work with an assortment matrix consisting of categories united by common properties, features and purpose, with a large number of levels.

This provides you with convenient analytics and product management.  But in the online store the main task is to offer the fastest possible way for the buyer to the necessary product, which will lead to the purchase. Therefore division of the goods should be carried out consistently from more to less, thus it is expedient not to inflate the catalogue, and to unite the goods, taking into account their similarity.

3. The number of levels in the catalog should not be large, the buyer must quickly and conveniently find the right product. Important: the buyer must find the product in 2 clicks, not roaming for hours in the catalog. It is good if the catalogue depth does not exceed two nesting levels.

4. Some categories should be combined into a single “hub”, taking into account the similarity of goods, their commodity neighborhood.

5. Names of product categories also need to be worked out. One thing is how you see the name of your product categories, and quite another is how the consumer sees them. The more precise the name is, the higher your sales will be.

6. Take into account customer demand and interest. Categories with a high frequency of queries should be raised to the top level, it creates convenience for the buyer and as a result, promotes sales.

7. Create a tree of consumer solutions. This will help you to understand the buyer’s behavior, and thus to offer the purchase script that is close to him. Use filters to do this within product groups. This will simplify the selection and speed up the search for the right product.

8. Don’t forget about product seasoning – increase sales. Create a group of products united by a common feature – the “season”, collecting all the offers in the catalog, which will increase sales. The hottest offers from it are broadcast in promo blocks.

9. Group the products within the category in such a way as to stimulate the cross-selling of the main product and additional, related products.

10. Optimize “empty” categories. If a catalogue contains empty categories or unfilled goods (1-5 SKU), they usually reduce the probability of buying in general. In this case, it is logical to implant them into other categories.

You can move gradually, step by step, implementing a complete program, but the result will be felt at the initial action. The most important thing in any work is the system approach. 

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Akshay Gupta
Hey, I am a Professional Web Designer, Author, Blogger, and Teacher. I am doing content writing and working as a freelancer for 3 years. I have completed my CA-Inter in 2015 and I am 7 years old in the Teaching Profession.

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