How to Come Up with a Great Nickname for Playing Online


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The World Wide Web presents an infinite resource for relaxing and having fun, with online versions of well-established games like backgammon, chess and poker proving as popular online as their analog counterparts have been for hundreds of years. But when it comes to identifying yourself on the net, how do you choose a unique name if thousands sometimes millions of others are using the same platform? That’s where this site comes in and offers you a way to come up with a one-of-a-kind moniker that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Signing up for an online games site often involves choosing a handle or username to use to access the site’s content. This presents the perfect opportunity to include a piece of your personality in the name and let others know what you’re all about. We need only look to the official PokerStars pro team to see those big online winners like Daniel Negreanu and Jason Somerville often go by their internet nicknames of “KidPoker” and “JCarver” rather than their given names. While there is an even split in the team between those who use a nickname and those who prefer to use their names to play, it’s clear that a nickname can help get you noticed and lodged in people’s memories.

Negreanu earned his nickname through his early introduction to poker and by becoming the youngest person ever to win a World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet. Hence the “Kid” comes from the defining feature of his young age and the “Poker” from his profession. Using this method, you could come up with a nickname for any online games site. Just select an identifiable feature of your personality and match it up with your specific craft. Some ideas include:

  • Sir Bluffalot
  • All-in Annie
  • Big Blinder
  • Lucy Diamond
  • Pocket Peach
  • River Runner
  • Mill on the Flop
  • Pawn Shop
  • Czech Mate
  • Opening Gambit
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But does a good epithet affect your success rate? It may not affect your gameplay, but choosing a nickname can help to boost your confidence and give you a distinct identity while competing. Chess aficionados have been awarding favorite players nicknames for a long time, with some of the all-time greats more often remembered by their informal titles. Though playing many years before the invention of the internet, chess masters like Alexander Alekhine and José Raúl Capablanca went by strong, imperious monikers like the “White Russian” and the “Chess Machine.” This practice has run over into modern chess-playing where names tend to be designed more to intimidate the opposition than to make a lighthearted play on their personality. This method uses a trait from either the person themselves or the game their playing and blows it up into a name to inspire fear and awe in the opposition. See below for some ideas:

  • The Kingslayer
  • The Rook Reaper
  • The Queen Cruncher
  • Knight of the Round
  • The Bad Bishop
  • Mystic Maniac
  • At Full Tilt
  • Smooth Call Operator
  • Bad Beat Boy




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