GemEnergy: 8 Benefits of Solar Inverter


Solar power is being used more frequently around the world for many different reasons. Solar inverters are the missing link between converting the DC electricity from the solar panels to the AC electricity you use in houses and businesses.

GEM Energy has a great site that does explain more in-depth about solar panels and solar inverters. It does also go into detail about the four different kinds of inverters and what type of situations each type works best for.

There are a few different kinds of inverters available today. As technology advances, we look forward to seeing what lies ahead in this department. Below you will find eight benefits all the inverters have in common.


The DC power from the solar panels has to be converted into AC power in order for the power to function. In order to do this, the DC power is sent through the inverter or inverters which switches it to AC power.

Maximum Solar Power

Keeping track of what your solar panels are doing can be difficult but the inverter is designed to keep track of the maximum power produced by your solar panels. The inverter is also able to boost efficiency since the maximum level is always changing with the forever changing temperatures and sunlight.

Grid Detection

Solar inverters also have a great safety feature built into them. If the power grid is not attached to a house or business the right way then electricity will not be fed through the lines. The reason being is it could be dangerous for all parties involved.

Solar Panel Conditions

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Monitoring the condition of your solar panels is also hard, especially if they are on your roof or in a location that is not the easiest to get too. The inverter has a built-in tracking system that will also monitor the condition of all your solar panels each and every day. The inverter can help you figure out exactly which one of your solar panels isn’t producing the amount of electricity that it is supposed to be. You are able to monitor everything about your solar system by Bluetooth, on its display board, or over wifi. The inverter is a necessary part of all solar panel setups.

Low Maintenance

Solar Inverters don’t need much maintenance but depending on the style, will need to be changed more frequently than your solar panels. String inverters have a five to ten-year warranty where the micro-inverter has a twenty to twenty-five-year warranty.

The inverter is a constantly working part so it does need to be checked every five to ten years to make sure it is working properly. After you buy your first setup of solar panels, you can expect to have a much smaller maintenance and repair bill.

Financially Effective

With the electricity, your solar system produces you will be able to save that much more on your electric bill. Depending on how much electricity your solar system puts out and if you are hooked up to the power grid, you will be able to sell your unused electricity back to the electricity company. This does benefit both parties in the long run.

Use of Natural Resources

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By using solar panels and solar inverters, we are using natural resources that we will never lose. Instead of tapping into the earth for coal, oil, whatever resource we decide on, or running more wires, we are tapping into something even more natural.

More Uses Than Electricity

Solar panels do create electricity but if you look at it from a bigger picture, you will be able to see that the electricity can be used in places that don’t have access to any electricity or clean water. Third world countries could really benefit from this technology. It could help them sustain the lives of their cultures.

As you can see, solar inverters aren’t necessary without solar panels and vice versa. The inverters do all the work that is necessary for us to use the electricity gathered daily by the solar panels. This ever-growing technology can be a great way to improve all aspects of the earth in so many ways if more people would use them for their homes and businesses.


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