India is no way far behind when it comes to technological advancements. The big population in this country can actually be an advantage when it comes to how innovation and technology can shape the lives of India’s people.

Currently, India is working on having many sectors and systems in the country mechanized. This involves agriculture, electricity, and even entertainment. India’s gaming industry is specifically booming when it comes to the entertainment scene.

Millennials in this country are becoming more well-adapted to gaming devices, especially mobile gaming. It’s an industry that is continuously rising. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide. India’s gaming industry is in the top 5 countries that love mobile gaming.

What really seemed to help this industry in India is how cheaper phones and data plans are becoming more available to many. These factors help more Indians, millennials or not, get into mobile or online gaming.

India’s urban population is more likely to get into mobile gaming, but the rising internet penetration in the country is also something that is contributing to this. Because of these factors, there has been growth in sales of gaming components too in the country during the last few years.

Gaming in India is popular in multiple sectors. PC, Gaming Consoles, and Mobile or smartphone devices are the top ways for people to play games. Indians are now just more willing to spend money on this.

eSports is also expected to have a massive growth in the country for the next few years. Many mobile and online games are taken seriously by some people that they already see competing in eSports as a profession. 

Candy Crush, Angry Birds, and Hay Day are some of the most popularly downloaded apps in India under casual gaming. The market share of these games alone is at 14 percent. That’s already huge, but games like PUBG, Clash Royale, 8 Ball Pool, and HQ Trivia are also becoming more popular these days. Even online or mobile casinos are becoming more popular in this country. 

Trustworthy online casinos with Rupee accounts are now flocked by many Indians as a lot of Indians are also known to love gambling in general. Online casinos are just well-loved by both young and aged players.

The love of Indians for gaming and gambling is simply boosting these industries and inspires many of them to be part of developing many games in general. Global gaming companies would actually seek the help of Indian gaming developers too nowadays.

Game development outsourcing is becoming quite a trend in India, and many big companies believe in the talents of this country’s people. After all, many of them are experts in the fields of IT and programming. 

Even the government is making an effort to make sure that India doesn’t end up far behind the latest technologies. Digital India is an example of a government initiative that makes sure that government services are made available electronically. 

Digital India makes sure that it will be the case by improving India’s online infrastructure and internet connectivity. The initiative is basically created to empower India’s field of technology. Indeed, this kind of initiative made a good pull towards the country’s gaming industry.

Technological advancements worldwide also help keep the fuel of this industry in their country. Technologies used in games like the AR, VR, and Ai make more people interested and want to immerse themselves in gaming. 

Since many see that these technologies, in particular, are the future of gaming, it’s most likely that game developers in India are quickly adapting to the use of these. People’s interest in these technologies can boost the gaming industry of India in the next five years.

By 2022, the local gaming industry in India is expected to reach over 800 million US dollars. This is why there are now many investors that are looking to bring their money to this country. This then offers opportunities for game developers, publishers, and companies in India.

Despite the popularity of PC games and gaming consoles in the country, it’s still mobile gaming that’s dominating India’s gaming industry. There are many categories that Indian gamers are into and some of them are casual, action, sports, casino, educational, and puzzle.

Because of those interests, their people are just keener to the game with their mobile devices. It’s just also generally cheaper to play on their smartphones. After all, PC games and gaming consoles still tend to be expensive.

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