Have you ever wondered how exciting it may sound when you are called by a nickname or when you may call a person be your fellow friend or soulmate or anyone else close to your heart by a nickname which they might have never thought of? In general terms, it has been seen that we human beings allot nicknames to the ones who are very close to us and whose existence makes our life worth living for. Nickname basically refers to a small name that we love to give to our peer friends just to let them know that they are special and unique in their own way.


Nickname is given on certain basis or keeping in mind certain points they may be body personality, mentality, charm, physique of a person.

1- PERSONALITY-It does not matter what nickname you give to the person but what matters is that the name should match the personality of the recipient.

2-CHARM- If people have a particular charm related to their body parts than they can be assigned nicknames accordingly.

Nowadays. the trend of giving cute nicknames to your peer ones has slightly gone down. People now do not have an “aww” expression when being called by nicknames like “hubby, chubby,blubby, Shona, cut to”. These names depict an old era now the emerging trend is of being swag in nature and so people prefer by being called by nicknames which depict their swag, attitude, etc. The nicknames that will showcase the swaggy nature are the gangster names. YES!! you heard it right “The gangster nicknames”. The gangster nicknames sound like as if a person belongs to a gangster community but the reality may not be so. These names are given just to ensure that your personality is like a gangster troop.

Some popular and fascinating nicknames to be given to guys are-

Gangster Nicknames for guys

  • Machine gun-this name suits for the guy who loses his temper at a greater speed and does fire off his attitude rapidly as well.
  • Butcher-if your guy is ruthless and awkward in his manner than this nickname sounds perfect.
  • Beardo man-hahaha! is your friend lover of a beard than entitle him with this nickname.
  • Smuggie fuggy- if your friend is fond of smuggling of any material then definitely tag him with this nickname.
  • Iceman- if your friend holds a calm nature than Iceman could be an appropriate one.
  • Jigsaw-if your friend is always in a state of disgust, difficulty and confusing allot him with this jigsaw title.
  • Snappy- if your friend is too fast in his mood swings than ‘snappy’ would be a good nickname.
  • The don-does your friend always pretend to be the structure of a boss than the don could be a perfect one.
  • The rocky-if guy is thick.dense, and difficult to break down than call him rocky.
  • Cain- if the guy is such who always create some kind of fuss and trouble than Cain is best suitable.

some other nicknames that could be given to guys are-

Thug Nicknames for Guys

  1. Dimebag
  2. king
  3. stay happy
  4. Bugsy
  5. rifle
  6. dreads
  7. skinhead
  8. viola
  9. lord
  10. fat jony
  11. wheels
  12. baldie
  13. rattler
  14. guttermouth
  15. kingpin
  16. the enforcer
  17. bones
  18. the boss
  19. parole
  20. snake eyes
  21. the Sandman
  22. mad hatter
  23. Sharkie
  24. icebox.
  25. hippy
  26. Rodo
  27. furious
  28. sharpy
  29. fishy.

Some popular yet exciting nicknames which can be given to girls are-

Gangster Nicknames For Girls

  • Bandit- if she is strong enough to cross the red line and thereby break the rules then this name suits her well.
  • banker-if she is smart enough to deal with money than define her quality with ‘banker’.
  • Pistol-if she is always in a mood of fiery than a pistol can be her nickname.
  • Diamond-if she is always bugging up after materialistic things than tag her with this name.
  • Beauty and brains- if she is a perfect mixture of beauty and brains than allow her this nickname to let her know her specialty.
  • games- if she is smart enough to plot and play games then give her this nickname.
  • Cadillac-if she boasts of her of high class and the best then this is the best nickname for her.
  • kitty- if your girl is sweet and innocent enough but at bad moods can show you her claws than you are free to call her this.
  • Tailbird-if she constantly falls into trouble but comes out fast of it than allot her by this nickname.
  • queen-does she shows off her excellence than tag her with this.

Some other names that could be given to girls are-

Girlish Gangster Nicknames

Thug Nicknames for Girls

  1. Duchess
  2. wifey
  3. battalion
  4. Tommy gun
  5. red
  6. thereto
  7. nails
  8. stiletto
  9. fierce
  10. ruby
  11. Frenchie
  12. flamingo
  13. felony
  14. cheeks
  15. cougar
  16. bamboo
  17. pinstripes
  18. miss demeanor
  19. baby blue
  20. Brooklyn
  21. Margarita
  22. missy
  23. red plot
  24. Vicino
  25. vixen
  26. Bonnie
  27. jersey
  28. Harlem
  29. Rosie
  30. witchy.

Are you ready for some laughter as I am bringing you a set of funny gangster names which will cause you pain in stomach by laughing-

Funny gangster names-

1. Joe bananas
2. Whack-whack
3. Oopey benny
4. Chee-chee
5. Horserace
6. Tick-tock
7. Jimmy nap
8. Butterass
9. Ice pick willie
10. Jehny sausage
11. Shellackhead
12. Socks
13. The hump
14. Jimmy dumps
15. Jommy kumps
16. Jeets beats
17. Pat the bat
18. Quack sack
19. Big juna
20. eyed you.

Another category that stands in the line of gangster nicknames is –
Thug nickname- the thug nicknames are as follows-
1. Pitbull
2. Head Buster
3. Greasy thumb
4. Lil man
4. Bigger
5. Blue eyes
6. Jelly
7. Smallville
8. Fangs
9. Zookeeper
10. Little insane
11. Pee-wee
12. Repo girl
13. Bugsy
14. Sonny Black
15. Sharpie
16. Wadd
17. Kid Blast
18. Freakers
19. Razor
20. Chongo
21. Slingshot
22. Burnout
23. Baldo
24. Adonis
25. Fierce wings.
Are you in the urge of representing yourself cool, then here I provide you with some very cool gangster names in the next category-
Cool gangster nicknames-
1. There is no mafia
2. The Fuzz
3. Pork n bears
4. Da provoker
5. Brutally honest
6. Johnny no shoes
7. Straight curve
8. Bite the bullet
9. Gabby
10. Roadkill
11. Patch eye
12. Two holes
13. Bobby tweaks
14. Skidmarks
15. Sluggo
16. The chaplain
17. Cartridge
18. Weasel
19. Scarface
20. The roach.

Gangster group nicknames- Are you a bunch of people together enjoying and all in search of fancy name for your gang? Do not worry here is a list of gangster group nicknames-

Gangster group nicknames

1. Bouncers
2. La giggles
3. Koyla
4. Kings United
5. Gang of love
6. The shocker’s tribe
7. Bakha gang
8. Stacks
9. Red Ryders
10. Tank tan
11. Bonafide
12. Ace of spades
13. Wild rippers
14. Bugs of wamp
15. Fierce troop
16. Necktie challengers
17. Dread pool
18. Pelon’s rage
19. Spiders
20. Shorty gang
Black gangster nicknames- The last category that stands in the row is black gangster nicknames.
the list is as follows-

Black gangster nicknames

1. Minor
2. The roach
3. Greasy thumb
4. Sluggo
5. Crazy yuan
6. Beerme
7. Da provoker rich
8. Loveman
9. Situ dollar
10. T-BONE
11. Da boss
12. Knees
13. Weasel
14. Rudy
15. Squirty
16. Bigfoot
17. Skidmarks
18. Mad hatter
19. scratch
20. Plugs.

Well finding the perfect nickname for friends is not going to be an easy task and so there are many difficult routes to go down and choose the correct and specific nickname



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