150+ Evil Names You Probably Shouldn’t Name

150+Evil names which you shouldn’t give

There’s a lot of meaning behind every name chosen and parents around the world are tasked with picking a perfect name for their little ones. Not all names are good there are some evil names which we shouldn’t give it to anyone. There are some names which are good or bad by one culture or another around the world. This article has been characterized in evil boy name and evil girl names.

Evil Male Names:

Selecting boys name is more difficult than the girl’s name. There are so many evil names which can be used in films and television. Now making it straightforward below are several names which you might want to consider for your devilish story.

Flynn: It is an Irish origin means “son of the red-haired one” this name is too perfect to ignore although this name became very popular since 2011. This name is generally used in movies too show the evil character of that particular person.

Kok-Lir: A demon from Borneo who preys on men

Azazel: The angel of death also meaning “scapegoat” and “entire removal”.

Nazar: mean “evil eye store”.

Ciaran: Meaning “black”.

Douglas: A Celtic name meaning “dark stranger”.

Colgate: “Dark gate in old English.

Damian: according to a movie it means the son of the devil.

Hannibal: From the silence of lambs.

Vlad: Another name for Dracula.

Zephyr: Means “wind” in Greek.

Lucifer: The devil.

Elon: “spirit”

Queran: means dark in Irish.

Weylin: “son of the wolf”

Abaddon: King of the locusts in hell.

Aguares: Grand duke of Eastern hell. HAS thirty legions of devils under him.

Amduscas: A grand duke of hell who commands 29 legions of devils.

Apophis: An Egyptian serpent demon who stalks humans at night.

Baal: The first king of the hell.

Balan: A powerful king of hell .has forty legions of demons under him.

Chernobog: means “the black god”

Chu Kwai: Demon from China” the creator of freaks”.

Cresil: The demon of laziness and impurity.

Deber: works only during the day and is evil at night.

Dagon: A demon regarded as the baker of Hell.

Furfur: Commands twenty-six legions of a demon.

Keron-Kenken: He eats newborn and drinks the tears of mothers.

Karau: A demon from Panama who causes death in the world.

Leonard: He is skilled in Black magic and Sorcery.

Lilith: The first better half of Adam who was actually an evil.

Leanan: A vampire that targets poets and artists.

Mammon: The demon of avarice.

Melchom: A treasure of hell. Manipulates with greed and strife.

Merihim: The prince of pestilence known to cause panic and widespread disease.

Mush: A demon of darkness from Iran.

Mokotiti: A hideous lizard demon of the Maori people.

Merihim: The Prince of Pestilence known to cause panic and widespread disease.

Nergal: A demon who symbolizes a certain phase of the sun.

Olisha: An evil goddess from Haiti. A beloved of black magic.

Orias: commands thirty legions of demons.

Orthon: A demon is known for his ability to possess bodies.

Orusula: A giant pig demon that spreads minor diseases.

Pyro: The prince of a lie, spreads deception.

Raum: commands thirty legions of demons and takes the form of a crow.

Ravana: Hindu king of demons.

Rimmon: A fallen angel who became a demon.

Ronwe: commands nineteen legions of devils in hell.

Sakarabru: An African demon off the darkness. Known to be night bringer.

Samael: The angel of death and the price of the air.

Semiazas: Lord of the fallen angels.

Set: Egyptian evil god of the night.

Shabriri: A demon who made people go blind.

Tando Ashanti: Demands simultaneous human sacrifice of seven men and seven women.

Tezcatl Poca: God of the “smoking mirrors”. Has an evil black appearance.

Thamuz: An ambassador of hell. Known as a master torturer.

Uphir: The head demon physician.

Verin: The demon of impatience.

Vetis: A demon of hell who corrupt and tempts the holy.

Vritra: Enemy of the Hindu god Indra. It is a serpent.

Wele Gumali: Means black god comes from Kenya.

Xaphan: A demon who stokes the furnace of hell.

Xic: Known to bring sudden death.

Yamaraja: Hindu king of death. He is known to be the first mortal who died.

 Evil Female Names:-

Likewise the men names there are also some evil female names we shouldn’t give it to our beloved ladies. Evil names are generally used for showing their devilish character, but in real life using of these names are avoidable. In ancient times people said that we should always keep a good name as it enhances the personality of people same for the bad names bad names also have some effect on peoples personality. Enlisting some evil female names:

Hecate: goddess of witchcraft, demons, graves, and the underworld.

Jezebel: this is the name of an evil wife of King Ahab. She was eaten by dogs as prophesied by Elijah.

Lamia: in Greek myth name of an evil spirit who captures and consumes children. This name means a vampire in Latin.

Lilith: it is the name of a night demon, which means “screech owl”.

Usha: name of a demon princess, daughter of heaven, and sister of night.

Enlisting some female evil names:






Sounding good all time is boring.it is fun to be evil and notorious nowadays. Applying the same thing to baby names. Below is our list of evil and demons names which you shouldn’t give it to your babies.

·         AzazelNimueAsmodeussuccubus
·         DiabolosBatibalAddaneArdal lili
·         AbigorHeccaleBaal-berithEmpusa
·         RavanaLezabelApepgorgon
·         SatanLamiaMorfranLamashlu
·         SamaelLilithAhrimanYuki Onna
·         SethPandoraJilaiyaJezebeth
·         ChernobogMaraZaganProsperine
·         DemogorgonQarinahAamonKasdeya


These Evil nicknames must be avoided to name your children. So these all were the name that you all must be aware of before choosing them for naming your little ones. Go through all of them to care of about the facts that any name is related to before you choose them for your kids.


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