Edit, Compress And Create 4k Videos Through VideoProc

Edit, Compress And Create 4k Videos Through VideoProc
Edit, Compress And Create 4k Videos Through VideoProc

4k videos are generally videos that have high resolution. Many prefer to either download the 4k video or even try to upload 4k videos as their content on various social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube. Many YouTuber or social influencer on Instagram upload a video which has 4k resolution.

This horizontal representation of video literally has 4000 pixels which provide the viewer with a crystal clear result. In this article, we will talk about 4k video upload to YouTube. The resolution of the videos that are uploaded on YouTube calls for higher resolution. Such videos like travel videos, food videos, documentaries are always uploaded in 4k resolution. This causes an uproar in the viewing rate.

Travel videos are very much in trend and help the YouTuber to connect with their audiences but connecting with the audience is not the only requirement, the video has to be engaging and while the person keeps it engaging, it becomes large in size. The video of 4k resolution is already large in size and that is when you have to show your skills of editing, compressing and presentation to showcase your whole content in a limited timeframe.

It will be telling your audience about your story to help them feel connected with your part of the tale.

The basic requirements of uploading a 4k video on YouTube:

YouTube is now trending as it supplies multiple videos to its varied audience who are always happy with the content as there are thousands of content that would suit their purpose. The main motive of uploading the video is to promote your ideas and to promote your way of life by sharing some meaningful, influencing ideas.

The videos are now made of various resolution but 4k resolution is the best when it comes to uploading the content on YouTube. Here are some of the facts which will help you with making 4 videos.

  • Whenever someone is making a 4k video, the equipment with which the video is shot has to be technological advances so that it can be shot perfectly. There are cameras that come with 4k+resolution. The battery power of the camera has to be high too.
  • The focus has to be on point too. The focus of the camera has to be perfectly set to establish good video content. If you do not have a right and proper setup then it will only mean too much work for you.

However, even though one manages to gather all the right equipment, editing and compressing the content is the real game that seals the whole deal. Posting a 4k videos demands certain criteria of 4K video editing and compressing which generally can be handled like this. The difficulty is based on the content you are trying to upload. It can be edited both offline and online.

  • The video that you made has to go through the edit and compress.
    • The editing process: This process calls for all those steps which are done to make sure that the video is on point. Many cut and trim the video. Adjusting the aspect ratio is important too. If a certain frame needs rotation then it can be rotated. They reframe it and then go through the processes such as 4k video convert, De-shake, De-noise as in canceling the noises, Fix fisheye.

Many times in the video subtitles are added and it is in this process the subtitles are added while editing. Along with this, the official watermark of the channel and effects are added so that no one plagiarises the content. M3U8 is added.

  • Compressing the content: After editing the whole content, it can get large. The content is trimmed and compressed in order to be short and not that large so as to bore the audience yet to keep it engaging.

VideoProc as a savior: If you need a quick edit 4k then it is the program that you should turn to. Editing and compressing is an important part of any 4k video making and it with VideoProc that the job has been made easy. It is a one-stop video processing software that edits the videos and resizes the whole content on 4k resolution.

It doesn’t matter from which you are trying to edit it, VideoProc can easily edit and compress the content. It converts the mp3 and mp4, changes the interface or stabilizes the shaky footage, cancels the excess noise records the desktop/iOS screen without any problem.

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It is the only full GPU stimulated video processing software that is powered by Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPU’s. This is why the transcoding of the videos are top-notch as the performance they deliver leaves no room for error.

YouTube videos have become an integral part of social media as the category of those videos ranges from the educational purpose to lifestyle purpose and others. To make it so, take help from VideoProc as it will help with edit, compress and create.

Watch the video to see how easy and quick to edit 4K video with VideoProc


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