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Deciding to start your own restaurant? Usually, people who are deciding to open a restaurant have their mind already occupied with certain questions such as the restaurant menu ideas, the perfect table arrangement, the interior designs of your restaurant, etc. But the most important question that comes to your mind is what the good restaurant names for your restaurant are. As we all have heard about a saying that you can’t judge a book by its cover but people are going to judge your restaurant by its name. Like any other business, Restaurant names play equally an incredible role to reflect your identity, your concept, your food, your values, and your restaurant mission statement. So let’s move on to the guide that we have for you to choose your perfect creative food court names.

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  • Choose the right mission statement: A good start towards choosing a name is with your mission statement which includes the expression of who you are and what values do you hold. If your food shop name ideas do not hold a good statement mission statement, then it might be lacking the right ingredients.
  • Think about your location while choosing the name: Location is the treasure while you are thinking of your restaurant’s name. You can choose your restaurant’s name based on landmark or street names.
  • Understand about your future guests that you want to attract: It’s up to you that what kind of guests you want in your restaurant such as Italian lovers, Chinese lovers, etc. You can include this concept in the name of your restaurant.
  • Make Indian restaurant name ideas list before jumping into the final name: Take one paper and write every fast food restaurants names suggestion on it. Then carefully decide which name is the aptest for you and your concept.


INDIAN FAST FOOD RESTAURANT NAME IDEAS: Your restaurant name is the critical part of your business. Restaurant name must be chosen making sure to gather more of the attention of the customers. So here we come up with some catchy, humorous and funny Indian restaurant names:

Italian Food Genius


Poppin Papadums

Smiling Ganesh Gastropub


Kosmic Karma Lounge

Cardamom and Nutmeg


Give it a Chai Indian Restaurant & Lounge

Spicy Sensation Luxury Lounge


The fullness of the Void

3 Way Restaurant


Absolutely Delicious


Catch of the Day


Brewed Awakening

Den Bar and Restaurant  Limerick Buffet

Mapping the Kitchen


That Place in the NAME OF THE TOWN


Double Dell Restaurant


Vintage Kitchen


Spice Mystery


BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse


Bite Me Sandwiches


Blarney Stone Cafe


New you Italian Restro


The Tasty Elements


Stomach Clinic Railways Restaurant


Tiny Tasty Restaurant


Fun curves Eatery


Indian Tulip


Fun Circle Retro


Hungry Puppets


Loving Monte


En Thai Sing


Planet of the grapes


Luck of the Irish Cafe


Phat Phuc Noodle Bar


Café Taste Buds


The chocolate Log


Filled with Dreams


Red Caffino


Thai The Knot


Red Flag Surprises


Hot and Crusty


Food Siesta


Bean Around The World Coffees

 Two Asian Kitchens Come and Eat
The World of Yore Comfort Foods
Sumpten Indi Bar & Grill  Cibo Indiano Ristorante
 Hooplah Lounge Paradise Indian Dinner & Bar
Taj Mahal Dishoom  Indian Palace of Curry
 Templecart Lounge  The New Delhi Elephant
 Tamarind Tree Tavern  Sunflower Dynasty


NON-VEG RESTAURANT NAME IDEAS: So many of us just love non-vegetarian food and want to attract most of the customers that love non-vegetarian food. They might be searching for a different name for their restaurant to reflect the theme of their restaurant that is based on mostly non-vegetarian food. So apart from other Indian restaurant name suggestions, we have some names that can perfectly go with your non-vegetarian theme restaurant. So scroll down and go through them to pick the apt one for you.

Eatmore Fried Chicken

Obama Fried Chicken

Mad For Chicken

Crabby Dick’s

Meat You There

Chicken Corner

Changezi Chicken

Butty Boys




Lox Stock and Bagel


Chops and Hops


Award Wieners


Just Falafs


Soon Fatt


Pig And Pancake


Pekking Inn


Munch Box


Cabbages and Condoms


Lettuce Eat


Wok This Way


Quality Meat Zone


Brew Meat


Essence of Meat



HOMEMADE FOOD BUSINESS NAMES: Not every day you would like to have food from restaurants. Being a student, I can understand the situation of students those who get bored with eating the same hostel food. So those who are planning to start some food business, this can be a very good option. Also, this is the best food business that can be set up online. Homemade Food is mostly loved by all the students that are away from their home. So for those who are planning to open a homemade food business, we also have a different list of names for you. So scroll down to have a look at all of them:

 Naughty Naan  Mom in the Kitchen
 Apka Khana  Naanstop Taste
 Thali Home  Street Local India
 The Queen’s Plate  Hey Nanny
 Spice room  Dishoom Room
 Pic’Mi Up  Pav Bhaji Bristro
 Whatcha Eat  Mata Hertford
 Curryosity  Chai Eatery
 Naan of your Business  Roti Hub
 Chutney Guru House Chai



  • Choose a name that is simple.
  • Consider some references while choosing your restaurant’s name. It will help to start a conversation between you and your customers.
  • Choose a name that focuses on your identity, the theme of your restaurant, mission statement, etc.


  • Avoid Restaurant names that are very complicated and hard to spell.
  • Avoid names that are not easy to pronounce.
  • If you want to open your own unique Restaurant, then don’t go for the already taken name. Instead, make your own unique name for your restaurant.

So this whole guide was for you to make the selection of your brand new restaurant name easier. We really hope that this article will surely help you to get a relevant name for your restaurant. Go through all the types and select the one which suits your theme of the restaurant the best.

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