100+ Catchy & Creative Florist & Flower Shop Names Ideas


Starting a flower business might be one of the satisfying companies of all time, as it has always had a pleasant smelling work environment and the florist can also showcase his/her creative thinking in the arrangement of those flowers. Even with all of its perks and this kind of business venture will never go out of fashion, as well need flowers to celebrate or honor each part of our lives. From birthdays, wedding, anniversaries, special occasions and funerals flowers are one of an integral part of life.

Since it is widely used one might face competition in the business, two things that make anyone stand out is the quality of goods and the name of the shop. A good name for your business might be one of the dominant tools used to market your business. Below are the creative names for your flower shops


Catchy & Creative Florist & Flower Shop Names Ideas

Creativity is a definitive sign of intelligence, imagination, and emotion. Coming up with creative, unusual ideas shows the potential of the person, in this case, of your shop! Make sure you convey the right message to your customers with these catchy, innovative names for your flower shop-

  1. Floral Affairs
  2.  Flowerworks
  3. Doris The Florist
  4.  Dandelion Division
  5.  Kabloom
  6.  Floral N’ Hardy
  7.  Back To The Fuchsia
  8.  Posy Pusher
  9.  Lily’s of the Valley (Owner’s name is Lily)
  10.  The Enchanted Florist
  11.  Petal Pushers
  12. Eufloria
  13. Gingerlily
  14. Rose Eva Flower shop
  15. Everbloom Flower SHop
  16. Flower Shopee
  17. My flower tree
  18. Flower Shop network
  19. Flowerstop Flower Shop
  20. Gardenia Flower Shop

Cute Flower Shop Names Ideas

If flowers are anything, they are emblems of purity, love, innocence, and adaptability. Essentially, they are master craftsmanship of mother nature. Your customers also know and value this above everything. Why then would you not want to give your shop a name that is fitting with this theme? Here are some amazingly cute flower shop names that will endear you to your clients!

  • Sweet Smell
  • Fab Beauty
  • 9 Touch
  • Happy Nature
  • Wow Florist
  • Truflowery
  • Origina
  • Dorisfeast
  • floworks
  • Fussion Florist

Floral Shop Names

Setting up a business, any business is quite a daunting task. Already weighed down by the responsibilities of funding, choosing the right location and marketing strategies, we don’t want you to be harassed by the task of giving your floral shop an apt name too. Here are some of our excellent suggestions for your flower shop names!

  1. Flower Fairy Flower Shop
  2. Blooms Flower Shop
  3. Rajnigandha flower shop
  4. Crystal Flower Shop
  5. Blossoming Flower Shop
  6. Olivia & kelly flower Shop
  7. You-me Flower Shop
  8. Orchid Flower Shop
  9. Tulip Flower Shop
  10. Prince’s Flower Shop

Unusual Florist Shop Names Suggestion

The ability to come up with unusual, individual, non-normative ideas is one that is hailed by all. And so should you floral shop! With a wide array of unusual flower shop names at your disposal, you are virtually spoilt for choice like never before.

Play around with one of these till it speaks to you, and let us know which one did the trick

  • Sunshine Florist
  • Roses are Red
  • The Tilted Tulip
  • Infinity Flowers
  • She Loves Me Flowers
  • Busy Bee Florist
  • Fabulous Flowers
  • Smell the Roses
  • Over the Moon Florist

Now, with one of your hurdles knocked out of the way, the market it yours to grab! With an endless variety of flowers at your disposal, there’s nothing that will go wrong.

We wish you a prosperous business! Show some love, let us know which one of these awesome names you choose.

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