Can Casinos control the Algorithm for Online Pokies


One of the major concerns by a majority of online is whether the casino or games are fair.

If a player thinks that a casino is being unfavorable by reducing any chances of winning, then many casinos would have closed by now. With that in mind, it is common knowledge that over time, the house edge will come to play. The more you play, the more the casino is making a profit. 

Are They Fair?

To answer this question, we need to understand a few things about the trustworthiness of online casinos. 

First, online casinos operate under jurisdiction. This means that they must be licensed to conduct their operations. This means that they must follow certain laws and regulations, and one such law is that they must be fair. Casinos will be licensed by bodies such as The Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar and the UK Gambling Commission. These bodies ensure that the software developers, as well as the casinos, meet the laws and regulations that are set. They carry out mandatory software tests to ensure that they offer fair results. If they go against this, then the casinos are shut down. 

Secondly, casinos are audited by third-party companies to check the fairness of their games and RTP rates. Some of the companies charged with task include iTechLabs and eCOGRA. 

As such, you can be sure that casinos, both online and land-based offer all players with equal chances of winning. This is made possible by the use of Random Number Generators. We will look at that below.

How Do Random Number Generators (RNG) Work?

Legit online casinos do not create games themselves but rather work with a provider like NetEnt or Microgaming. These providers create games by using a Random Number Generator hence the reason why rigging a game is impossible. This is how the system works:

The purpose of the RNG software is to generate random numbers. Predicting what the numbers will be is impossible—even the systems analyst himself cannot guess the results. The RNG generates random numbers in a range, for instance, between 1 and 1, 0000,000. 

Everything you see on the screen while playing a game online is actually numbers. For instance, if you are playing at a slot machine with five symbols, each symbol in the game has a numeric counterpart. Once you click on the spin button, the RNG software will generate a random number. If the number matches the symbol counterpart, it gets displayed on the screen. 

Therefore, the results are completely random and nobody can predict what they will be in the next game round. This is the case for all games.

How Come The Casinos Seem To Make Profits As You Lose?

This is a question that you might probably be asking yourself. If there are measures in place to ensure fair results, like the use of RNG, how come you lose and the casino wins? We will try to explain to you this in simple terms.

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the house edge. Now here is what happens.

Successful and well-operated casinos do not need to rig a game. They profit by offering lower than theoretical odds which ensures that no matter how good you are, they pay lower payouts and winning as would have otherwise been the case with ideal odds. 

The house edge differs from the RTP where the casino is required to inform you about the percentage player theoretical returns. It is up to them to set the house edge that will make them have an advantage over you. Any time you wager, they get to profit from it. 

So now you know how casinos make their profits and have an answer to your question. Online pokies algorithms cannot be manipulated. This is made possible by measures put in place by the regulatory bodies as well as the use of RNG by the game developers. 



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