Branding 101: How To Name Your Moving Business?


If you’re in the process of making your own company, you will likely be extremely excited – until you get to the part where you have to actually name your moving business. Naming is hard, especially considering this is the name of your moving business that will likely be used for the rest of its life. Thing is, naming your moving business shouldn’t be extremely hard. If you’re having a bit of a hard time in the naming process, here are some basic tips to follow: 

  • Identify the nature of your brand first. Aside from the fact that you’re naming a moving company, you most likely have a set of company values, a kind of voice you want to speak with, and core objectives. List these and keep these in mind as they can help you in formulating a name. 
  • Check the location. Another interesting thing you can add when naming a company is your location. This already gives you a unique kind of branding. Having a location in your name personalizes your brand. After all, once we add a place to your name, this most likely implies that you follow the culture and traditions of said place. If you’re in New York, a company that uses “moving companies NYC” and other derivatives in its name can make a mark to New York audiences. Likewise, an international audience will see that New York has a sentimental value to your brand.
  • Focus on action and movement. When you hear the term “moving company,” you will most likely think of objects or concepts that deal with movement, activity, or dynamism. When naming a moving company focus on words that help readers imagine activity, movement, or transportation. Combine these with the themes your brand wants to focus on, and you’ll be able to get an interesting name to work with. Examples of these include “walk, run, jump, leap, bounce,” or even “drive.”
  • Check objects, other concepts you want to use. Regardless if you have a brand name, the most likely have a concept or theme your branding wants to follow. Try taking elements from these concepts, such as colors, shapes, and symbols, and then try incorporating them into drafts of your brand name. This can add a layer of personality and uniqueness to your brand. This also helps personify our brand, and give it its own identity. For example, if you pride yourself in being piano movers, then your brand name should probably have them. 
  • Take advantage of wordplay. One of the best ways you can make a unique name for your brand is to actually rely on wordplay. These include using puns, jokes, comments, and other forms of wordplay that can definitely add a bit of spice and uniqueness to your brand. Remember though that once you rely on wordplay, you will most likely have to use that wordplay across the rest of your brand. 
  • Focus on the message. Another good way of making a name for your brand is to rely on what you want to do for your customers. Moving companies specialize in moving objects – but not all movers use the same tools and methods, and not all of them move in the same way. Use this to your advantage. Take note of your core values and see if there are words you can use in your brand name. The name you’ll use has to be able to represent your company, even if it’s just a word. 
  • Rework your drafts as needed. If you think you’ve come up with an interesting name, try to spice things up a bit by mixing and matching your drafts with words and concepts that make use of the principles above. Don’t resort to a final name unless it’s something you can imagine saying a hundred times a day. Your final name should be the kind of name you will proudly carry – regardless of how serious or quirky it seems.

Moving Business: Names Come With A Promise

Perhaps the most important reason as to why people get soul fixated when naming objects is the kind of value they carry throughout their lifetime. It’s perhaps this reason that people tend to get extremely scared when tackling naming their company. Thankfully with the tips above, you likely have a better understanding of the many elements you could use to make a unique branding name for your moving business. Remember, making a brand name that sticks can be a long process, so be patient and plan carefully.


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