Best 51 Catchy Wedding & Event Planning Company Names Ideas


Marriage is one such event that is awaited by each and everyone from a tiny tot to a grown up person because it brings lots of happiness at doorsteps where you meet people after a very long time where you can dance where you can sing where you can tease even your elders. If you are good enough in managing these events single handedly than you are sure to be an event manager.

So are you thinking to start our own business and thus making a plan to deliver long term happiness to your customers by making there events splendid than definitely you have an awesome mindset at present moment.But before starting with your business all you need to do is give a name to your business so that you may stand out different ans special among your competitors. So here are same names which you should select for your business of event managing-

Catchy & Creative Names for Event Planning Business/Management Company-

Event management has taken up its horizon to the top now and if you are willing to start with this business than you ought to be the best not only in rendering your services but also in your name as it is the name also that earns so here are some catchy and creative names for your event planning business-

  • Cherishx
  • Event decor
  • Events Creator
  • Happening  Events
  • Forever Event Planner
  • Creativators Event Planner
  • The Event Factory
  • PartyFiesta
  • Just4u – Surprise Planners
  • love-it Events
  • Eventvive
  • Rock The Party
  • Party Creatives
  • Yevento
  • EventMent
  • The Event Diaries
  • Event kreationz
  • Event Fiesta
  • Rock n Roll
  • Plantastic
  • Wonder Works Event Planning
  • Magnificent Moments
  • The Function Junction
  • StoryTellers Event Planning
  • Four Corners Events
  • Party pie’s


Wedding Planning Business Names-

Wedding is not only an event but a responsibility for the manager because it is the toughest job to do where you have to keep coordination between all the events and also you have to keep in mind choices of each age group.You wedding planning business name should be exciting and fun to listen because wedding ceremonies are fun and if your business name would have an element of fun than people will be attracted to your work more. So some of the wedding planning business names are as follows-

  • Weddopedia
  • WeddingSutra
  • Fusion Wedding Planner
  • Dreamz Wedding planner
  • Wedding Starz
  • Wedding basket
  • Perfect Day planners
  • Royal Wedding Planner
  • Aroma Planner
  • One Plus One Wedding Planners
  • The Wedding Connection
  • Wedding elements
  • The Velvet box
  • Cupid Arrow
  • Red Carpet
  • Beyond The D├ęcor
  • Make Your Day
  • The big Night
  • The Big Bash
  • TieTheKnot
  • TheNewlyweds


Indian Wedding planner Company names Suggestion-

Indian weddings are often a delight to watch for every function as it involves the great pomp and show with lots of masti, lavish decorations , pretty dresses and offcourse delicious food.So if you are Indian wedding planner your name should be something very unique that catches the attention of your customers to the maximum.So here are some suggestions for an Indian wedding planner company for you to select from-


  • Mangalam Wedding Planners
  • Swastik Planners
  • Suhbh Events planner
  • Bandhan Events & Wedding Planner
  • Gathbandhan Wedding planner
  • 7-phere wedding planner
  • Sweet Bella
  • Planning Gurus
  • Wedding Gurus
  • Wonder Weddings

Party planners Company Names Ideas-

It is said that small steps leads to bigger victories. So you can start your business even at a small scale where you can start organizing or managing parties first and than when you start earning good profits you can move towards the higher events. So if you are starting business at smaller scale than your name should be such that matches you work but also it should have margins to meet your future goals so some of the party planners company names are as follows-

  • Balloons N Ribbons
  • BirthdayBash
  • BirthdayBlings
  • Dazzling Designers
  • Let The Party Begin
  • Party Curators
  • Party Experimenters
  • Party Planning Mom
  • Party Prep
  • PartyPies
  • Party Poppers
  • Your Party Guide

So starting up an event managing business can be a challenging task but when once you make your name in this filed no one can stop you from being the best event managers so choose your name trendy and sassy.

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