Be a winner on National Lottery Day


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National Lottery Day is a day of luck, chance, and fun. The concept of this game dates all the way back to the Chinese Han Dynasty between 205 and 187 BC. And to this day, people worldwide enjoy the thrill and entertainment of picking numbers and watching their bets come to life. And the winners? Don’t even get us started! This life-changing experience has brought the best (and sometimes worst) in people and is responsible for many short and incredible resignations notices. To celebrate this day, in addition to playing the lottery (duh!), you can enjoy any of these three winning activities:

Spin for the win

While a lottery is not, in fact, a slot machine, the logic behind both casino games is quite similar. You spin – you win! This National Lottery Day, download one of the leading slot games apps and spin the slots as much as you want. If you enjoy playing the lottery, chances are that other casino games will make you smile, and no it the time to give them a spin! We recommend trying 88 Fortunes, an app that is packed with brand casino games and special surprises.

Pick your numbers

Choosing the winning numbers are what it’s all about, and on the day dedicated to the lottery, we invite you to examine and improve your system. If you’ve been randomly picking numbers, maybe it’s time to think a little harder and uses some of the published stats? You’ll soon find out that specific numbers are more popular and come up more often than others, and that playing the same numbers over and over again has an interesting influence on your chances of winning. Do your research and create a series of lucky numbers that just might transform your life!

Open a history book

If our quick mention of the game’s history piqued your interest, visit uncle Google and study the roots and evolution of the lottery over the years. You can learn about the science behind this game (which can help improve your number-picking approach) or the modern tales of winners who hit the ultimate jackpot more than once, or who lost their fortune only weeks after winning it all. Just like the game itself, the history of a lottery if fascinating an entertaining.

We officially celebrate the lottery just one day a year, but you can always attempt to win the big prize and celebrate your fortune, no matter what the calendar says. Good luck!

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Shashank Jain
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