Attractive Soap Company Names


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There are various soaps available in the market. There are soaps of various colors, fragrances, shapes, skin types and so on. If you are planning to launch a soap company then it is important that you position your product in such a manner that it creates a distinct niche for themselves.

The soap name should be such that it sounds different from the plethora of options available in the market. It is also important to keep a name that the target customer segment would connect with.

Soap company name

Here is some soap company name that you can keep in mind while forming a company.

Soap for All The Soap Place The Soap Affair
SOAP The Soap Affair The Soap Company
Vita Soap Green Touch Soap Soap for Kids
The best soap All skin type Soap Soap for All
The must-have soap The wonder soap The Derma Clean Company
Derma care company Earthy Soap Love for soaps
Soap for family Pure Soaps Economical Soap
Golden Soap Nutty Soap Soft Touch Soap
Soap Co Natural Co Pure Co
Touch with care Making Soaps Bubble Soaps
Soap Cellars & Co Eco Soap Soap with Nuts
Soap Ashes Soap Boiler Soap makers
Soap Stick Soap Stick Soap Water
Box of Soap Soap Box Soap with Bubbles
Soap Stone Soap Suds Soap Bubbles
The one-stop solution for soaps The Soap Process Soap Making
The Soap master The Soap Maker The Soap Company
The Best Company A soap affair The SOAP
Soap Heaven All about Soaps The Soap master
Stone Age Soap The Soap age The latest in soap

If you want to create a niche for your company, then you can also opt for some handmade soaps. The handmade soaps are in vogue. These soaps are made using essential oils and various kinds of natural ingredients that are actually beneficial for the skin. Most of the people in today’s world want to steer away from chemicals and opt for such handmade customized products.

Handmade soap company names

There is huge demand for these handmade soaps. If you are planning to go this way, then here are some handmade soap company names that you can take inspiration from.

Eden Bliss Organic Soap Handmade soap
Soaps with Vitamin Vita Soap Vita Love
Soap that is pure Soap with Gold Flakes Soap with Almonds
Scented Soap Earthy Scent Soap made with Love
Cocosoap Skin paradise Natural Soap
Green Soap Green Touch Vita Care
Nutty Affair Soap For All Moms Co
Soap with lavender oil Soap with essential oils Grandmothers recommended Soap
Soap for acne skin Natural Soap Soaps made with love
Soap for all skin types Soft Skin soaps Soaps that care
Turmeric enriched soap Charcoal soap Ubtan soap
Soap to get a natural glow Soap for dull skin Soap for tanned skin
Activated Charcoal Soap Diamond Soap Soap for mature skin
Soap with chamomile tea Soap with rose water Glow with soaps
Great Skin soaps Soaps for all-weather natural soaps for all
Soap Love Love thy Soap Happy Soaps
Soap for dry skin Soap for soft skin Soap for babies
Soap with scrubber Soap with loofah Orange Extract soap
Soaps made with care Soap with jasmine oil Stress Relieving Soap
Soap with tea tree oil Goldy soaps Naturally made Soaps

Soap business names

If you are in the soap business, then you need to keep a name to demarcate yourself and drive away from the competition. Here are some soap business names that can come handy. These names will convey to the customer segment just what to expect from your range of products.

Tomboy Soap Co The Soap Salon The Soap Kitchen
Soap Topia Soap story The best Soap in town
Soap mania Soap Opera Soap LLC
Soap for rugged men Men’s Soap Creative Soap
Soap creative Petal Soft Soap Star Soaps
Paradise Soap Soaps and Meadows Pine Soaps
Pacific Soap Northern Lights Soap Monarch Soap
Scents & Soap Heavenly soap Home and Body Co
Smell lovely with soaps Desire Soaps Heart’s Soap
Glisten with Soap Rosy Soap Green Soap
Soap with Shimmers Feather Soft skin soap The Soap for kids
Cleopatra’s Soap Soap for Queens castle soap
Bella and Soap Princess Soap Soap for Royals
All lathered Up Royal Soaps Soaps for Kings and Queens
Relaxing Soap Soap after a long day Barn star Soap
Soap with natural stuff the Soap you will love Soap for baby soft skin
Fall in love with Soap soap for lovers Soap for bearded men
Walk in the Clouds Customized Soaps Soaps for teenagers
Soap that cares for you Cowboy Soaps Anti-Acne Soaps
Soap for toddlers Soap for new mothers Soaps for pimple marks

funny soap names

You can also try to keep some funny soap names for your product. Funny names are known to have an instant connect with the target segment. Here are some examples of the same:

Quirky Soap Soap for Mind Block Soap for Sweaty pants
Soap with no scent lather Soap Soapy day
Soap with unnatural stuff soap with comets Out of the world soap
The Soap with no scent The ugly soap Soap that you won’t buy
Overenthusiastic soap Soap for Rough Skin Rodeo Affair
Soap Love Erotic Soap The Gourmet Soap
Lovers Spat Soap Love my body soap Soap for bad skin
Smell like Soap Smelly Boy Soap Writers Block Soap
Squeaky Clean soap  The Shower Soap  The Liquid soap
Soap with Rum Extract Soap for drunkards soap for dirt
Soap with Whiskey Extract  The Gin Soaps  The Cow Dung Soap


The above are a few interesting, funny and unique soap names ideas that you can take a cue from when positioning and advertising your product.  Remember the right name means half the battle is won.

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