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We all face moments in our lives where we find ourselves clueless, we can’t figure out what’s happening to our lives and we wish we had a guru or a mentor who would magically solve all our problems and guide us to the right path. Well, let’s come out of our bubbles and face reality because most of us do not have life coaches managing our lives. But, we all do have certain people in our lives who are always ready to share their expert advice. That could be your go-to person, your 4 am friend, your friendly neighbor, or that know-it-all person. And who knows, if you are that person yourself!

Advice Column Names Ideas
Advice Column Names Ideas

Were you that kid in your school who helped everyone?? Or that friend in need who would teach 50 pages to others just minutes before exams?? Do you often get suggestions to join social services?? Are you that one person who has a mission to solve everybody’s problems? Well, if that’s the case, the nation needs you! The entire planet needs you!

So if you’re planning to open your own Advice Column to help out millions of people with your expert advice, you have all our support! Everyone needs advice at some point in their lives. And advice columns are a great way of seeking answers from a group of experts. Now you must be thinking about what to name your advice column. To help you out with this, we have prepared lists of some of the best names you can have it for your column. Let us take a look!

Ideas for Advice Column Names

Do you want a name that is unique, cool and different from any other business? Then take a look at the below-mentioned names which will distinguish your brand and take it to the next level!

Real AdviceExperts’ AdviceAlways MarshaPioneer Press
Keep Calm & Ask MeAsk DailyAm I CrazyRelationship Advice
Ask AwayAdvice at goAsk a ManagerStop it Now
No ProblemAsk the DivaAsk AmyStudy Breaks
Relationship AdviceThe Advice BoxAsk AprilThe Daily Edge

Funny Advice Column Names

Have you ever wondered why do people get attracted to anything that has an element of humour in it?? Because, we all need a little dose of laughter in our daily lives. In this sense, it would be cool to have a funny name for your advice column like the following.

Funny Advice Column Names
Funny Advice Column Names

Am I Crazy?No one’s watching!Ask DaveBig Shots
The Wise OwlsWisdom OwlAsk Dr. MCaptain Awkward
Don’t fear when we are hereAsk at your own riskAsk E. JenDaily Reflector
Captain AwkwardSecret AdviceAsk PollyDear Annie
Advice just 4 UThe Advice GuruAsk WinterDear Elders

Best Advice Column Names

We have prepared a list of some of the best names you can have for your advice column.

Best Advice Column Names
Best Advice Column Names

Check it out below:

Big ShotsLet’s AskDear Hoopers
No question is sillyLove your problemsDear Sugar Section
The Best AnswersWe Know!Han and Matt Know it All
Never-ending ProblemsIt’s OKHer Campus
Clear your mindStop it NowThe Roar

Cool Advice Column Names

Want to give your column a cool name?? Take a look at the following names that are too cool to ignore.

Sound AdviceSay bye to your problems
We are hereNo problem is too big
The helping AmyAnswers 4 U
We are listeningAsk-It
The advice you needWhat’s on your mind?


When we talked about careers, the first few thoughts that came to our heads were either of doctors, teachers or not-to-forget the engineers! Isn’t it? But no matter who you are, you are certainly not a God who knows everything. That’s why we need coaches, guides and mentors. So if you’ve made up your mind to launch your own Advice Column, you must definitely check out the list of names we have prepared just for you. Because we need your advice too!

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