8 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Latina

Latinas are by far the cutest ladies, as many dating-crazy guys will confess to you. The challenge, still, is how to catch what you really want; and once you catch her, you need to be sure she remains yours! That leads to the question, “What really soothes a Latina?”

Dating in the USA requires smartness, and if you are dating a Latina, then you must always keep the following in mind.

1.    A little lateness is normal

When she says, “I’ll be there by 9 AM, she probably means “I’ll start preparing by 9 AM.” Don’t frown or yell when she’s an hour late-it’s normal. Here’s the hint for all Hispanic dating and singles: Just let her take her time, you’ll like that she did! And it really makes no difference to show up at hers-she’ll just be waking up, and you might just have to wait. So just know that she’ll arrive a little late, and learn to cope with it.

2.    Never try pulling her from her family

It just doesn’t work trying to date a Latina if you aren’t sure you like her family-and you can’t even fake it. In Latina dating, no matter how strong your bond seems to grow, you better learn to “date the family as well.” As they say, “If you do not want to meet her family, then you must be hiding something.”

Again, if you have something you don’t ever want her family to know, better keep it to yourself. Gossip is the big thing that keeps them together, so be sure the next time she gets to see her family, it will all be spilled. But that doesn’t mean you won’t have secrets-just make sure you let her know that it’s got to be a secret.

3.    She’s not always going to be the home woman

Latinas love cooking, but she won’t fancy it all the time. Be ready to take her out for some pizza. Cooking is what her mama taught her all the time, but it doesn’t mean she loves or loved it.  A big secret: show her that you appreciate you being two. Help her out with this or that, and it all just works smooth.

However, don’t expect her to have a home-cooked meal every night for you, and don’t expect her to clean up after you.

4.    Casual is never her thing

Whether you are just taking her out to the movies or for dinner, she will always take time to look her best.

5.    Appreciating her culture is a definite plus

Latinas love it that they are Latinas, and an appreciation goes a long way. Showing interest in her beautiful Latin culture will earn you some obvious bonus, and if you can try catching some, then in it you are sure to catch her heart too!

6.    Like it or not, fútbol’s a must!

You may be a basketball fan, or something else, or nothing at all; but if you really want to catch her strong, you must love the biggest game in the world. Do some research-know her team, and buy a team jersey and have important games like derbies in your diary. It may be tragic to plan something else when her favorite team is playing at the world cup, so beware!

7.    They love to eat, and love it when you do

Call them the hungriest women! Latinas love to eat, and you’ll disappoint her if you can’t eat as much. To spice up your Latino dating in USA, always try to keep your stomach as empty as possible anytime you are going out with her. And if you are going to meet her family (especially the grandma), then that is a must. Mess up by not eating “enough,” and you will regret losing your “fortunes” so carelessly.

8.    She’ll be dancing to the bathroom, in the kitchen….and she likes it!

Don’t try to tame a Latina’s love for dancing. She loves it so much that she might choose to dump you for it. Just learn to adapt to some loud music and a little dance here and there with the knife or cup in her hands. It’s normal, and you’’ do better to join in!

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