8 Things to consider while choosing a VPN Service

Since there is a huge outburst of VPN service providers in the market, it must be in your favor if you perform a thorough research over the available VPN’s before deciding over a particular VPN. For that you may require to create a checklist, relying upon which you can find out which are the best VPN services according to your requirements. The best VPNs often offer a balance of features which includes features like speed, reliability, geographical location, decent costing and privacy at the same time. There is a lot which you must know before selecting the perfect VPN Service for yourself. In order to avoid all the regrets and choose the perfect VPN which perfectly meets all your requirements you must go through the points mentioned below before you land up buying the VPN you are having in your mind.

8 Things to consider while choosing a VPN Service

Network Spread

Network spread is one of the most important things which you must look into before deciding your VPN. The top VPN Services will always provide you with a number of servers in different locations in order to minimize the effect of location based restrictions. But you should also keep in mind that only number of servers should not be the criterion of choosing the best VPN services, as might be all the servers are located in a single country which may restrict you to use the service of a particular country which is not available in your area. So must do a thorough research that where the servers of your VPN Service are located and what are the numbers.

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While searching for a VPN, you will obviously come across the terms such as SSTP, SSL, TSL, OpenVPN, PPTP(Torrent Support), L2TP, IPSec and others, but you must know that which one you should go for? Despite of the availability of all the above VPNs OpenVPN is the protocol you should go for. However, you must always look for OpenVPN support as it is considered as more secured a compared to the rest. L2TP used to be very secure but it is no longer secure as much it was. Business users might want to consider those IPSec or SSL clients for extra protection and security.

Logging Policy

Whenever you use a VPN you mostly trust the service with whatever data you provide such as your email ids, passwords, credit card information which you enter whenever you shop online, download any stuff etc. So, it is very important that you must go through your provider’s logging policy. The best VPN services are those who basically have no logging policies as in that case you ought to secure your data, login locations to various other third parties.

Cross-Platform Support

Today almost everyone is using multiple devices and I’m sure that you would not love to buy different VPNs for various platforms. So, it is always necessary to look that whether you VPN works over multiple platforms are not. Talking about top VPN Services they work over multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux and also over android and ios building a consistent connectivity on all your devices.

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Speed & Reliability

I would never prefer a VPN with slow speed and the servers turning on and turning off randomly. So it is very important to choose a really fast VPN, most probably the one where you would be able to maximize your internet connection. The top VPN services never get their speed dropped by 7-8 percents. Moreover, a slight speed drop is normal with the VPN services.

If you are streaming something online, the buffering and the servers consistently turning on and off is seriously very irritating. So it is very important to make sure that the VPN you are choosing provides you a reliable connectivity. A VPN with the reliable connectivity usually provides multiple servers in areas of your interest.

Bandwidth Cap

Would you prefer a VPN Service if that limits your downloads and uploads? I will say a big NO to this. As while watching the shows I just forget that how much I have downloaded. The top VPN services never limit your data consumption and never put an upper limit to the bandwidth. SO, it is really necessary to check whether your VPN service provider is putting any upper limit to the bandwidth. If yes, then there are many who don’t and trust me they are far better as such providers believe in zero logs policy which is again fruitful to you.


Firewall is indeed one of these necessary requirements as it prevents your system from unauthorized access. But you can set up the firewall on the computer itself. Also, you can go with those VPN service providers who offer built-in firewall support but there are only a few providers who offer a built-in firewall. Also, I don’t think that you need such a VPN with firewall if you already set up the firewall properly on your computer.

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You guys must have thought that I really missed talking about the price thing. The very first question which must be striking everyone’s mind is, “How much does it cost?” So, you must not go for those VPN services who ask you to pay a hefty amount for their services. You must go with decently priced VPN services as you don’t need those over expensive VPN Services. A good VPN service provider will give you the best of its services at maximum of 6 to 7 dollars a month without any discounts. With discounts the price even lower down to 4 to 5 dollars. Just make sure that not in a single case you land to the free VPN services as they might not cost you single penny but they will be harmful to both your privacy and security.

The Last Words

I hope I made the things easy for you. Now you can easily choose the best VPN services for yourself and you can easily get to know the demerits of the free VPN services. It’s always better to choose your VPN service provider wisely and steadily.


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