The shoes you wear during pregnancy will greatly affect the health and comfort of both mother and baby. The most important criteria for choosing a pregnant woman’s shoes is safety, smooth heel and comfortable on the toes. After these criteria are guaranteed, then you can consider style and fashion.

Mothers should absolutely say no to high heels. The researchers recommend that high heels can have many negative effects on the health of the mother and the fetus, and increase the risk of falling for the mother.

On average 1 day, with the time of wearing shoes for 8 hours, the legs will stretch from 3 to 5mm. But for pregnant women, due to many physiological effects, the elasticity of the legs can be up to 10 – 25mm, many times higher than normal. This change is closely related to body weight and postures such as walking, standing, sitting, etc.

Choose a pair of high friction, create confidence and a firm in every step.

For example, the average change between standing and sitting postures is 4 – 7mm, while if you switch from standing posture to walking movement, the legs only need to be elastic in the range of 3 – 6mm.

Therefore, when buying shoes should note the following points:


  • Size: In each different position, the legs will expand in different directions, so consider carefully the number of shoe size, it is best to choose pairs larger than the foot about 10mm.


  • Choose comfortable shoes: Should choose pairs with round, big, wide snout, hugging legs, soft shoe material helps mothers to travel conveniently. Shoes have straps with high elasticity creating fast when taking off are also a priority.
  • Shoes are worn during different stages of pregnancy: Shoes worn during the first 6 months and the last 4 months are not the same. In the last months, mothers should choose a pair that protects the heel, avoid foot pain and create safety for mother and baby.
  • Pay attention to the height of the heel: The ideal height for heels is 15 – 30mm. Although fashionable high heels are always attractive, with increasing body weight, heavy walking and heavy heels can affect the soles of the feet and the knee joints.
  • Buy shoes in the afternoon or evening: It is best to buy shoes in the afternoon or evening because now the foot size will be larger than the morning. If you go shopping for shoes in the morning, it may be fit at this time, but when you travel a lot at other times, it becomes tight. And this is not good.
  • Choose a simple shoe style: Another important note is that you should not choose shoes with laces, clasps or adhesive tape because when the belly is large, it will be difficult for you to bend down.
  • Do not wear heels: Although high heels help you taller and walk more smoothly, it also increases the risk of sprains caused by ankle and ligaments in overloaded feet. Moreover, when wearing high heels, calves stretch and increase the pressure on the knees and spine. This will adversely affect the health of mothers and babies. If you still want to wear heels, choose a 3 cm high.



Finally, there is the friction of the sole: Should choose high-friction shoes, creating confidence and firmness in every step. With the shoes are out of friction, the mother should leave because if she kept going, it would endanger both her mother in the case of a pregnant mother slip and fall.

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