7 Practical Tips To Save Money While Traveling to Europe


Sky-high hotel prices and the high cost of living make Euro trips super expensive. This however, with a little research and a few preparations beforehand can bring down your expenses without you compromising on the fun quotient. With the help of our fellow travel bloggers we’ve compiled a set of tips (more of planning and things to keep in mind) to follow that will help you save your money on your trip to Europe.

  • Google free things to do

This is a given – just before you travel or after you’ve booked your tickets, Google free things to do in the city you will be exploring. You will find plenty of things you can do. See what interests you and you can have it free of cost. For instance, you will find no fee for admission to certain museums in Paris. A lot of museums offer free admission on certain days of week/month. Check ahead of time for free admission and plan your visit accordingly.

  • Travel during off-peak season 

The time of the year you are traveling to Europe is the most significant factor that affects pricing. Airfares and hotel charges are at their lowest during the winters which usually begins in November and runs through the whole of March. Look for booking after the end of summers when the price drop is significant. Booking your stay at least a couple of months in advance is a real money saver.

  •  Carry homemade snacks

Homemade snacks not only make up for fillers but also a savior when you’re in trouble finding veg food/or having food poisoning. So, it’s better to pack homemade snacks that lasts for a few days. Munch it for during your brunch or at midnight. You can also pack something that you like for the first day of your trip. Make something which has longer shelf-life.

International roaming packages on your existing number are quite steep. Better to cut down these expenses by 80%. If you’re traveling only to one country, you can buy a local SIM from the airport on arrival. That will be your cheapest deal. But if you’re traveling to multiple countries then buy a Europe special SIM in advance which covers all the European countries. It’s always cheaper than buying a local SIM for every country you visit. Also, you don’t want to go through the documentation hassles at the airport.

  • Go to the taxi stand while taking a cab from any airport

At several European airports you will find taxi drivers hanging out between baggage claim and taxi queue. They charge you more than the standard taxi fare. It’s better to skip the line and head straight to the taxi stand. Alternatively, you can also book an Uber.

  • Focus only on two to three countries

When planning your itinerary, consider exploring no more than three countries in depth than bouncing around from place to another. Doing so will save your hours and hours of sitting in transit and you will save a lot on transportation of pricey airfares and train tickets.

  • Find the locals lead for authentic and affordable food

If you’re looking for authentic and affordable food, give those pricey and tourist-friendly restaurants a pass where they have English-language menu cards. Head out to a place where you find plenty of locals. If you’re finding difficulty in communicating – use Google translate. Alternatively, even food carts are an affordable way to get meals on the fly if you’re not hung up on sitting down for meals.


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