Many business owners do everything they can to promote. The number 1 promotional item is usually branded items such as pens or pencils. There have been studies stating that promoting a business or a brand with pens and pencils is an effective form of marketing. It is one of the most effective forms of marketing. Read on to discover 7 advantages of using promotional Cross pens.

They give you brand exposure

There have been many studies showing that those who receive a promotional pen or pencil usually can recall the message on it. Promotional pens and pencils are used often. It gives the company or brand exposure every time it is used.

It offers longevity

It stands to reason that the promotional products others receive and find useful are the ones that continually get used. What about promoting your product in a magazine? It seems that those companies advertising in a magazine are getting looked at briefly. The person might come upon the promotional message once while flipping through the magazine. But, let us go back to the pens and pencils used for promotional reasons. They are something that is kept because it is useful. When the potential customer needs it, they will use it and think of the message on it.

Let us talk about cost-efficiency

Every advertiser needs to think about the return on investment (ROI) when they put out a new marketing campaign. Promotional products are cheaper than TV or radio advertising. The cost per impression (CPI) drops significantly once the advertiser purchases promotional products. With such a small CPI, it leads to a larger ROI. The larger the ROI the better the cost-efficiency. So, it stands to reason that an advertiser would want to use a method like promotional products to get their message out.

Integrated marketing

Many advertisers are concluding it is important to integrate as many advertising channels as possible. They might mail some pens but also they might give others away at a trade show or another event. These advertisers are realizing that the more places they utilize to get their promotional items out to the public, the more brand recognition they are receiving. The more brand recognition a company receives, the better off they are. They get continuous exposure from a promotional item as opposed to radio or television. They find it to be a useful form of advertising.


We can all appreciate that a promotional gift is tactical. These gifts leave a lasting impression on those who use them. Promotional products give usefulness to any marketing campaign. The reason is straightforward, a promotional product is used more often than a flickered object on a television screen. It can be read over and over whereas an advertisement on the radio can be heard once and forgotten about immediately. The message on promotional products will be read and heard over and over. That makes them the most tactical form of advertising.

Staff appreciation

So, you have had a staff member or two who have done an excellent job and you want to show your appreciation. How do you show your appreciation to these staff members who have done their job superbly? By giving them a promotional product with your company logo. It is not cost-efficient to buy promotional products that are personalized with the staff member’s names. Just the same, though, staff members who receive promotional products from the company become loyal to the company. They appreciate the recognition. Whenever the staff members use these promotional products they will think of what it is they did to get that product.

You can reward customer loyalty

Promotional material can be used as a thank you to your loyal customers. These customers will appreciate the promotional gift. Every time they use the gift, they will think of the company that gave it to them. Promotional items are an excellent way to both attract new customers and retain old ones. When you give out promotional material such as pens and pencils it says much about your company. It not only says you are in business but it also says you are here to stay. Next time you want to advertise, think of promotional pens and pencils.

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