5 Most Unique Sales Funnel Software


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A Sales Funnel Software functions by helping filter a large number of leads, to get the exact list of buyers. Like a funnel, it filters all those many potential buyers to generate confirmed buyers by a series of steps. Sales Funnel Software is a very handy tool that every business person should use. With a Sales Funnel Software, a businessperson cannot go wrong! In short, the Sales Funnel Software helps to create long term buyers or loyal customers.

Below are 5 of the most unique Sales Funnel Software available on the market and a brief description of them:

  1. Kartra:

Kartra is your to-go-to software if you want to build a strong online presence. Generally, one would need a team of software developers, designers and analysts to be able to create the said connection. Kartra eliminates such a need by providing all of its functions. From templates to analytics to management services, Kartra does it all. It offers an assortment of marketing and e-commerce tools which are made available to its user. There are different plans to choose from with the starter plan offering only basic tools and the premium plan offers advanced tools and much more.


  • No coding skills are required
  • Reduces the need for manpower
  • Performs multiple functions
  • Easy to use


  • Tiny Kartra logo appears at the bottom of the mails
  • Updates may be confusing
  1. Unbounce:

Unbounce is one of the leading page and Sales Funnel generators. It specializes in creating attractive landing pages. With Unbounce, one can easily build true lead generation pages for an industry. Unbounce is a very prestigious company that has been in operation for nearly 10 years. It has aided in more than 650 lead conversions and has helped many businesses grow. A few companies that have employed the services of Unbounce include Thomson Reuters, Shopify Plus, Uberflips, and Hootsuite.


  • A wide assortment of templates
  • Reliable service spanning over 10 years of experience
  • Capable of multi-tasking
  • Uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help publish campaigns and create pages


  • Its services are slightly more expensive than others in the market
  • Many features may appear confusing to amateurs
  1. Clickfunnels:

Clickfunnels is an amazing software that helps to create beautiful Sales Funnels by converting visitors into leads and then into customers. It functions by guiding visitors through the sales process by taking a step-by-step approach. It specializes in helping the customer identify the one product that he needs most by taking into account his expectations. A cool initiative by Clickfunnels is that it maintains follow-up with its visitors, thus making its service user-friendly. The tools placed in the user’s disposal by Clickfunnels is very simple and easy to use.


  • Easy to use
  • Highly effective and results-yielding
  • Easy to track data


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Does not offer blog functionality
  • It is a closed source
  1. GetResponse:

GetResponse is a very up-to-date and advanced Sales Funnels building service provider. GetResponse is a leading service provider when it comes to email marketing. It has a very unique ‘Auto funnel’ function that enables users to set up everything from social media campaigns to email automation. It is quick and easy to use and is much more visually appealing than most other Sales Funnels software when it comes to creating page templates. GetResponse has a lot more features to offer than most other software.


  • Offers design and spam testing services
  • Auto funnel feature
  • A variety of features are available for use


  • Needs improvement in terms of the deliverability rate
  1. Builderall:

Builderall is a leading digital marketing platform. It can be used to create business websites and is very useful in handling buyers thanks to its autoresponder feature (in email). Its other services include an animated video creator and app builder (amongst many others).


  • It is cheaper than most Sales Funnels service providers
  • It is easy to use
  • Useful to build apps.


  • It is a closed source
  • It is a bit more time consuming
  • It is slightly less reliable

In the end, it comes down to what suits you best. We hope you find the Sales Funnels Software that best suits your requirements and expectations.

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Shashank Jain
Shashank Jain, founder of good-name, a young and energetic entrepreneur has always been fond of technology. His liking for technology made him go for engineering in computers. During his studies, he learned & worked on different computer languages & OS including HBCD, Linux, etc. He also has a keen interest in ethical hacking.

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