Apps are amazing and have revolutionised different creative industries in many ways. The reason for this is quite straightforward – apps are readily available and cater to different needs, and they can be paid for or free.

Acting is considered one of the oldest professions, but that is not to suggest that it cannot be improved by the use of software. If it weren’t for computer programs and software we would not have amazing graphics that are used to improve the quality of movies. Dozens of apps can make an actor’s life easier. In this article, we are going to go through some of the best apps for actors.


Wunderlist is an awesome app that lets actors create lists and tasks and also set reminders. Actors may find it difficult to remember everything they have planned to do while on set, so this app, in particular, is very useful. The great thing about this app is that you can share your lists and tasks with your co-actors, director or other members of the production crew easily.   The app is easy to use and has a clean interface; also, it is completely free.


Are you looking for a portable teleprompter? This amazing app is popular in the industry and is great to ensure that you do not forget your lines, and it has a feature that lets you update script revisions. The best thing about this app is its portability. What this translates to is that actors can practice and keep up to date with their scripts on the go and can bring them with them to the production set.


This is an essential app that every actor that is serious about becoming successful needs. The app does a fantastic job of managing your career. iPerform keeps track of everything from bookings to auditions, to industry contacts, expenses and neatly compiles them in a manner that is easy for the actor to see what his or her next task should be. 

Rehearsal App

This is another app that is perfect for actors who have a hard time recollecting their lines. Rehearsal App is perfect for keeping you on track by highlighting lines at the sweep of a finger – ensuring that you know them by heart. One key feature of the app is that it allows you to record your lines in audio and play them back. As the name implies, the app is a must-have for aspiring actors who are still learning the ropes of becoming pro actors. The app has a clean and tidy user interface that is also easy to use.

SpeakEasy Voice Recorder

This is the perfect app for actors who prefer to record their lines and play them back. The app records audio with a high level of clarity, which is important. If you are the type of actor who likes to hear their lines again, this might be the app that you need to help improve your acting skills. It is a paid app but it is worth it. SpeakEasy Voice Recorder is great for both beginner and pro actors. If you are looking to take your voice acting skills to the next level, visit

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