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Either for fun, or for professional purposes, people love to form bands if they know some musical instruments. In every school and college, there are some group of friends, out of which one may be very good in singing, one in playing Piano, guitar, drums, and so on. Together, they form a band and entertain people in the fests and events at their institute.

This was what is done at school levels. But professionally as well, many people come together to form a band which, if becomes successful, competes in various music shows and perform at various places in a city, country, or even internationally.

Some bands have multiple instruments of the same type. For Example, 2 Pianists are very common in a band. One plays chords on the piano, while other plays melodies. One Guitarist is lead, while other is a bass guitarist. Hence, people who play same instruments can also form a band easily, you need not necessarily play different instruments.

Apart from the instruments, another thing which makes all the bands common is their craze for a superb band name. Any band without a name is incomplete. While at school level, this can be overlooked and ignored, when you enter college or cross that stage, the band name becomes your recognition factor. All across the world, people will recognize you with that band name only, for example, Maroon 5.

So, if you are also one of the groups who are looking for a perfect band name, your search ends here. We will share with you some cool name ideas as well as tips and tricks to create your own band name.

Cool Band Name Ideas

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Firstly, let’s have a look at some amazing band names that you can choose. The right band name makes all the difference, so chose wisely. Check out our list before moving ahead to create your own band name.

Group Next Door

  1. Ringzy
  2. Rixy Ranger
  3. Figo Night
  4. Beat Bun
  5. ACD – All Can Dance
  6. Gotcha 5
  7. TFF – Time For Fun
  8. Mystic Nuts
  9. The Dead Pirates
  10. Burning Plane
  11. Musicians Night
  12. Tipsy Alien
  13. DJ Jump
  14. Black Donut
  15. Red Zebra
  16. Door Chime
  17. Funky Chops
  18. The Warriors
  19. Knight Riders
  20. The Hill’s Queen / Army
  21. The Mellow
  22. The Johnsons
  23. Taylor Winters
  24. Fringers
  25. Roger Men
  26. Nest Hives
  27. Riverback
  28. White ‘n’ Black
  29. Ocean Parrot

Tips to create your own Band Name

I hope you could find a good name above. But if not, no worries. Let’s move forward to show you how you can create your own name by following some tips below.

Number of Players

The most common thing many bands use is to include the number of members of band in their name. Just like Maroon 5. So even you can try this by collaborating the number with any other word.

Object Names

You can pick on the names of any of your favourite color, vehicle, car, city, fruit, animal, food, etc. and use that word along with any other word to form a band. For example, Figo Night.


You can pick up a phrase you people use more often, or a phrase that is commonly used in day to day life, and make its abbreviation your band name. Such as ACD – all can dance.


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Pick on any verb, like running, beating, burning, ringing, etc. and use it along with another word for your unique and interesting band name. Such as, Burning Train.

These few tricks will be helpful for you to come up with your own interesting band name if you do not like any of the above names. You can also modify the above ones by rearranging some words here and there to make up a good name. All the best with your music band!

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