Instagram has evolved over the years and has become an integral part of all online marketing strategies. Instagram has also revolutionized the way people communicate with their peers, interact with brands and the way they consume media. In this post, we will discuss some tips to become successful in Instagram advertising. Read on!

Tips to become Successful at Instagram Advertising

If you have resisted yourself from spending money on Instagram advertisements, you must give it a second thought. Instagram ads have the potential to earn the biggest returns compared to any other form of online advertisements. Of course, not all social platforms will reap the maximum returns; so you need to identify the one where your targeted audience can be found.

Here are some tips that will help you win at Instagram advertising:

1.    Know Your Audience

This is the very first step towards building a successful Instagram advertising campaign. Instagram allows the advertisers to choose the particular segment of the audience that they want to reach out to.

Targeting is a crucial part of all Instagram advertising campaigns since you want your ads or sponsored posts to be seen only by potential customers. Almost all social platforms allow you to target ads based on age, gender, location, interests, and behavior.

2.    Create Several Ad Variations

In order to ensure the ads perform their best, you must create ads that resonate perfectly with your audience. So you must create multiple variations of an ad to see which one performs the best among your targeted audience. The best thing about Instagram is that they allow advertisers to constantly monitor the performance of the ads and make necessary changes whenever required.

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Once you identify the ads that perform the best, you can turn off the rest or modify them to match the top-performing ads. Oftentimes the cost of low performing ads is very high, so it is best to deactivate the lowest performers. Alternatively, you can also buy Instagram likes and followers as well to increase your exposure.

3.    Rotate Ads and Create a Custom Landing Page

Fresh content is the secret to the better acquisition, so you must rotate ads frequently (once in every three to five days) to avoid ad fatigue. This is also one reason why advertisers are recommended to create multiple variations of an ad. If your audience sees the same ad for too long, they will be reluctant to click them. So you must keep the ads fresh and engaging to ensure a maximum click-through.

One more way of increasing the conversion rate is by creating a custom landing page. Instagram advertising is a two-step method where the audience clicks on the ads and then they are diverted to a custom landing page where they can perform the necessary actions. For best results make sure the landing page is mobile friendly and includes only one CTA. You must also ensure that the landing page is highly targeted for maximum lead conversions.


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