10 Of The Highest Paid Healthcare Jobs In 2019


 Are you currently studying a health degree right now or perhaps you just passed your licensure exam, then you might be interested in knowing what are going to be the best paying jobs in the healthcare industry next year.

The healthcare industry is perhaps one of the fastest growing sectors in a lot of countries today especially in the US, which is why we’ve seen an increase in the demand for healthcare workers in the past few years. If you’re planning to apply for a job next year, take a look at whether or not your profession belongs to the list of the highest paying healthcare jobs in 2019.

  1. Anesthesiologists

These professionals are basically responsible for giving anesthetics to patients so that they can be relieved of their pain be it local or general. General anesthesia is done before surgery, childbirth, and as part of the management for chronic illnesses. Anesthesiologists work hand-in-hand with people who belong to other medical teams so as to closely monitor patients’ vital signs during and after surgical procedures as well as after other types of treatments. They go through rigorous studies and trainings with 4 years in pre-medicine and 4 years in medical school. The annual earnings of anesthesiologists range from $256,321 to $369,367.

  1. Surgeons

Surgeons as their name states perform different kinds of surgical procedures and use different kinds of instruments and appliances not only to treat illnesses but as well as to treat deformities and injuries. Most surgeons do specialized trainings in neurological systems, orthopedics, cardiovascular procedures, plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery, and procedures involving the musculoskeletal system. Aside from doing surgeries, surgeons also order and perform diagnostic tests as well as interpret their results, which allows them to not only treat patients but as well as to provide preventive medical procedures to people with certain diseases and disorders. Surgeons’ estimated annual earnings range between $186,044 and $339,738.

  1. Psychiatrists
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Psychiatrists are focused on mental health. They not only diagnose and treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders but they also do research on them as well. They don’t just rely solely on medication when it comes to treating their patients but they also do psychotherapy. Their patients include people with eating disorders; those involved with substance abuse; anxiety disorders; post-traumatic stress disorders; mood disorders; and developmental disorders. Aside from the years they spend in premed and medical school, some of them also choose to go for specialized studies so that they can gain the necessary knowledge needed to treat specific disorders. Psychiatrists earn $112,950 to $164,220 annually.

  1. Cardiovascular Perfusionist

These are specially trained medical professionals who give medications and are also responsible for controlling the equipment that are used to artificially support or sustain respiratory and circulatory functions of the body for patients who are going through heart surgeries and other types of surgical treatments. Cardiovascular perfusionists work hand-in-hand not only with physicians but as well as with members of the surgical team when it comes to administering medications, monitoring vital signs, making sure that the patient’s body temperature stays within the ideal range during procedures, and to measure both respiratory and circulatory functions. They earn anywhere from $99,212 to $122,357 annually.

  1. Pharmacists

These are known experts in the field of medicine and their specific effects on the patient’s body. Pharmacists are not only known to dispense medications but they also educate patients as well as offer necessary information involving drug interactions, dosing, and proper usage. On top of that, they can also administer the medications themselves. They work closely with different members of the medical team including physicians, nurses, and pharmaceutical staff. The annual earnings of pharmacists range from $92,670 to $121,310 every year.

  1. Medical Dosimetrist
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These are known specialists in the oncology field and they are responsible for determining the treatment plans as well as the dosing amounts that patients with cancer need to have. Medical dosimetrists use different computerized as well as mathematical procedures in order to provide treatment and to reduce cancerous growths. They earn anywhere between $87,910 and $104,350 each year.

  1. Nurse Midwife

A nurse midwife is responsible for diagnosing and educating women all throughout the different stages of their reproductive years. They also coordinate with other members of the medical team if necessary. They play a vital role since they also provide prenatal care and provide assistance during child delivery. On top of that, they also have the skills necessary to perform newborn care and postpartum care. Nurse midwives earn annual salaries of $84,680 to $99,824.

  1. Physician Assistant

Physician assistants are responsible for offering general healthcare services to patients. As their name implies, they work with and under the supervision of physicians and surgeons who offer diagnostic, preventive, and therapeutic healthcare treatments. They also do education and counseling.

  1. Nurse Practitioners

They are considered to be vital members of the healthcare team since they are mainly responsible for offering primary and specialty care services to patients who belong to all ages. They do diagnosis, treatments, and counselling for patients. Nurses earn an average annual income of 68,210 to $97,070.

  1. Occupational Therapists

They provide assistance to clients who have disabling developmental challenges by helping them to manage their daily activities. They do this by teaching patients the necessary skills that they need to not only be independent but as well as to be productive as well. Occupational therapists work with patients who have physical, emotional, and mental disorders and disabilities. They have an estimated annual income of $55,090 to $82,290.

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